#Money4Life for Filipinos: Sun Life and Stars Align for a Worthy Cause
 Money4Life for Filipinos Sun Life and Stars Align for a Worthy Cause 1

What comes to mind when you hear the term “financial security”? Often, we associate it with one particular goal, or as having money only for a specific period in our lives. For instance, having enough funds for our children’s education, or obtaining means to a comfortable retirement.

This short-sightedness was evident in the results of a survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) in partnership with Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc., where it was revealed that nine out of 10 Filipinos experience financial shortage or “kakapusan.” Household expenses, school expenses for their children, payment of loans, and spending for medical treatment are among the areas wherein they experience financial shortage.

The study also revealed that for all their expenses, Filipinos rely mainly on the same sources: their income or their bank savings.
As such, when the time of need comes, like when an illness strikes the family or the breadwinner dies, or when it's time for the children to go to school, they end up wiping out their savings as well.  

The truth of the matter is that in every stage of our lives, we need to have funds in order for us to truly live to the fullest, and, at the same time, be prepared for the surprises that may unfold along the way. Simply put, we need Money for Life.

This was the inspiration behind Sun Life Financial’s latest offering: a comprehensive, customizable financial planning program called “Money for Life” that will help a client ensure that he will have sufficient funds no matter where life takes him.

“Money for Life” is available through Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. and Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc.

“We believe that Filipinos deserve to achieve their dreams and experience a richer life. But we all have different priorities and capacities, and a financial plan that works for one person may not necessarily work for another. This is why we came up with “Money for Life,”said Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa. “Our financial advisors can help one determine the right combination of financial products to ensure that he will have money today and all the way until retirement.”

To inspire Filipinos to pursue their own financial journey so they can have money for every stage of their lives, Sun Life tapped the country’s biggest names to star in its Money for Life campaign: actor and triathlete Matteo Guidicelli, actress, chef and award winning author Judy Ann Santos, actor and producer Piolo Pascual, and top network executive Charo Santos-Concio – all of whom are also Sun Life clients themselves.

Each of them represents a specific life stage: Getting Started for Matteo, Moving Up for Judy Ann, Preparing Ahead for Piolo, and Leaving a Legacy for Charo.

“All four of them are at different stages in their lives, and as you can see, they are all financially secure and are living life to the fullest. That’s because they were able to prepare well for it by having proper money habits and with the guidance of financial advisors,” Lopa said. “They are real advocates of financial security, and Sun Life is proud to have them join us in our efforts to promote financial security among Filipinos.”

Charo, who retired as CEO of ABS-CBN last year, is enjoying life after retirement by spending time with her family and grandchildren while still engaging in her creative pursuits and hosting ABS-CBN’s longest-running drama anthology “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”

“I am definitely more relaxed now, though I am still on the lookout for the next story that will inspire the audience,” she shared. “All of these are possible because I was able to save and invest for my future.”

Judy Ann is likewise money-savvy. “Years ago, when I was still starting in showbiz, one of the first things I spent money on was a Sun Life insurance policy,” she shared. “Now that I have three children, I know that their future will be taken care of with the right financial partner by my side.”

Meanwhile, Matteo is also embracing his own financial journey. “In the same way that I’m very hands-on with the projects I’m given,

I want to understand how to manage my money too,” he said. “I have so many goals that I’d like to pursue, but with my investments, I’m sure that I can make all those a reality.”

For his part, long-time Sun Life ambassador Piolo is more than happy to welcome Charo, Judy Ann, and Matteo into the Sun Life family. “It’s definitely an honor. These are people whom I admire and respect in the industry” he said. “I am one of the many people who look up to Ma’am Charo for her passion and wisdom; I admire Matteo for being conscientious in all his endeavors from showbiz to sports; and of course, I am thrilled to be reunited with Judy Ann, who definitely played a big role in my showbiz career.”

Piolo, whose son Iñigo is now also making waves in the business, is focusing on his own interests such as sports. “I’m into a lot of sports like cycling and badminton. I’m able to focus on my health and wellness, because I know Sun Life will always be there to take care of my finances,” he said.

As spokespersons of the Money for Life campaign, Charo, Piolo, Judy Ann, and Matteo star in Sun Life’s soon to-be-aired TV commercial – a powerhouse casting never before seen in the insurance industry. “These four stars are admired in the industry not just because of shows and movies they’ve starred in; it’s because of who they are beyond the screen and how they are in real life,” Lopa said. “Sun Life looks forward to working closely with them in further inspiring Filipinos to find their way to financial security. It’s time for Filipinos to truly pursue the brighter life that they envision for themselves and their loved ones. Sun Life and its affiliates are ready to guide them in this journey.”
Take inspiration from Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual as they discuss the benefits of choosing Sun Life’s #Money4Life financial planning program. Watch them live on chat.abs-cbn.com this July 22, Friday, at 12 nn! You may also send questions through your social media accounts by using the hashtags #Money4Life, #SunLifePiolo, and #SunLifeJuday.