Sharon Cuneta takes a trip down memory lane with ‘Glory of Love’ performance at her concert

Sharon Cuneta takes a trip down memory lane with Glory of Love performance at her concert  1
Thousands of fans flocked to the Big Dome on September 28 for the 40th anniversary concert of Sharon Cuneta. The Mega Star performed her timeless hits, much to the delight of her fans. Sharon's family and friends were also present who joined her on stage to serenade the elated audience.

It was an emotional and beautiful night for Sharon and her fans. Every song was a trip down memory lane for everyone. Each performance was reminiscent of the Mega Star’s journey in the entertainment industry. During the show, Sharon also shared the story behind her ascent in show business - on how the joys and the pains of her life in the limelight shaped her to the person that she is today.

The concert was massive, yet it felt intimate and very personal for Sharon and her fans, as if the Mega Star was just performing at a family gathering. The singer could not help but pause in between her performances and smile at the crowd who kept on cheering her name - the same people who showed her support for forty years.

It was obvious that for Sharon, her fans are her family too. She made sure that her supporters sang with her in unison. Every production number was dedicated to them. The Big Dome turned into a happy home where everyone bonded, recalled old times and created new memories through music.

The concert became more intimate and special when Sharon performed “Glory of Love.” The performance was reminiscent of the beautiful years that passed by in her life as an artist and as an endorser. The segment also brought back so much nostalgia to her fans. The song was released on the airwaves and on television many years ago, but it remained to be a meaningful tune for everyone at the Big Dome. 

The “Glory of Love” performance was a special moment for Sharon for she was greatly reminded by the support she received from her fans and generous brands like Selecta in the course of her career. The Mega Star even decided to tweak the lyrics to pay homage to her past ice cream endorsement. As she sang, “You've got to live a little, scoop more ice cream a little. Feel the happiness combined, little by little,” it was apparent that Sharon was feeling very much at home. She had the biggest smile on her face while singing it, as she was able to reminisce the beautiful yesteryears.


This is the old Selecta television commercial, where Sharon originally sang the song.

A feeling of homecoming enveloped everyone during the “Glory of Love” performance. As the Selecta ad flashed on the big screen at the concert, the Mega Star and her fans were transported back to the early days of her life and career. It was incredible how a simple clip of Sharon scooping her favorite ice cream while singing a familiar tune, could bring back so much memories to her and to the fans that grew up with her.

Sharon’s 40th anniversary concert was a grand success. It was a show that brought so much memories of her inspiring journey to become the Mega Star that she is today. She felt loved and at home in front of thousands of her fans, most especially when she performed “Glory of Love.” It was truly a one memorable night that everyone would cherish forever.