This Kilig Video Captured the Real Secret of these SEE-ngers and SEE-ntunados!

The wait is over! After days of teasing the crowd with I Can See Your Voice’s grand pasabog this Christmas, the show finally released a kilig and kwela video—with an unexpected twist. Ready to capture the real secret of these SEE-ngers and SEE-ntunados? Watch this!

Capturing who the real SEE-ngers and SEE-ntunados are on this video was already hard. But figuring out their real SEE-cret (their hidden feelings for each other, apparently)? Even more! Still, if you can’t help but watch videos with unusual—yet totally fun—twists and turns like this one, I Can See Your Voice got what you need. Catch the mystery music game show every weekend at 9:30 PM only on ABS-CBN!

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