Netizens believe Anne Curtis fits Galadriel in imaginary Pinoy casting of Lord of the Rings

Netizens believe Anne Curtis fits Galadriel in imaginary Pinoy casting of Lord of the Rings 1

Being one of the most successful movies in history, with The Fellowship of the Ring sweeping most of the accolades in the 2004 Academy Awards and holding the most number of Oscar trophies alongside Titanic and Ben-Hur, Lord of the Rings is indeed a cinematic achievement.


Thus, in order for every Filipino audiences to relate in the hullaballoos regarding the top-grossing and much-talked about fantasy-adventure flick, ABS-CBN aired its Tagalog-dubbed version last Holy Week.


We got acquainted with the citizens of the Middle Earth realm and followed their journeys. And one of the characters that absolutely stood out and became remarkable was the ethereal Galadriel, portrayed by the versatile actress Cate Blanchett.


Apart from her otherworldly and ever-radiant beauty, what made the Lady of Lothlorien iconic was the significant parts she partook in the whole epic tale – the provider of the narration and history in films, the ruler of the elves, and the adviser of Frodo (Elijah Wood) and the Fellowship.


But, what if we’re going to reimagine LOTR and have the finest Kapamilya artists fill in the famous roles? Who among Arci Muñoz, Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, and Pia Wurtzbach, do you think would be the most suitable actress to play the enigmatic Elf Queen? In a poll posted on the ABS-CBN Official Facebook page, we asked netizens who could best fit the role in a dream casting of an imaginary Pinoy version of the masterpiece.


For a majority of respondents in the comments section, they chose the It’s Showtime mainstay, with her fans emphasizing Anne’s exquisite allure and her experience in portraying unearthly creatures in the 2008 fantaserye Dyosa.


However, Angel, the Pilipinas Got Talent judge and La Luna Sangre star came in a very close second due to her unprecedented performances in every project bestowed to her and the recognitions she received throughout her 18-year career that prove how brilliant she is.


Meanwhile, some commenters also rooted for Arci, the Since I Found You leading lady, because of her impressive portrayals and resemblance to Galadriel. Others who couldn’t get enough with her My Perfect You stint and want to see Pia act on the small screen think that the role should be given to her.