Been dreaming to achieve Kathryn’s bright, smooth, even-toned skin? Then, you might want to practice these tips – stat!

The best part is, you don’t need to have a celebrity-like budget for these.

How many times have you thought that achieving flawless, smooth, radiant skin is far from your reach, and is just reserved for those with a lot of money to spare and celebrities who have easy access to dermatologists and glam teams? How many times have you longingly stared at Kathryn Bernardo’s complexion, thinking “someday...”? Beautiful skin remains an elusive dream for many, but it doesn’t have to be!

Believe it or not, you are just three steps away in terms of skincare routine if blooming skin is what you’ve always wanted. We couldn’t stress enough the importance of healthy lifestyle habits—eating right, getting proper rest and exercise, and loading up on water—and consulting a doctor for more complex problems, both of which Kathryn is also a strong advocate of. 
Been dreaming to achieve Kathryn s bright smooth even toned skin Then you might want to practice these tips stat  1

From there on out, taking care of your skin becomes all about using hardworking products that not only superficially beautify your skin, but nourish it from deep within.
Here are three things you should take to heart to make skincare truly easy breezy:

1. Make sure to keep your face clean. When Kathryn doesn’t need to be all glammed up for work, she prefers the no makeup look—and she totally doesn’t wear makeup when she’s off duty, save for lip balm. Contrary to what you might think, piling on too many products on your face whether in terms of skincare or makeup isn’t necessary. Why? Because it’s very important to let your skin breathe. You know the drill: Never sleep with makeup on, don’t forget to cleanse your face before putting on makeup and after workouts, and keep your hands off your face unless you’ve washed it clean. 

2. Use products that are gentle on your skin.
It can get quite challenging to decide on which ones you’ll allow to touch your complexion because of the wide variety of promising selections out there. Check packaging for words like hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist-tested to ensure they’re kind on your complexion. It’s also crucial for you to have a good grasp of what your skin type is and what works best for it. Don’t be stubborn and risk your skin’s welfare just to try a new product trend even if it clearly doesn’t suit your skin type.

3. Get a hardworking moisturizer that not only nourishes and smoothens your skin but gives it a radiant glow. Reap long-term benefits for your skin while simplifying your beauty routine with the Pond’s White Beauty Skin Perfector. You can get away without foundation and highlighter with regular use of this Vitamin B3-enriched product that works on bringing out your skin’s most brightest, smoothest, most even-toned state. Teen Queen Kathryn is a firm believer—experience for yourself gandang parang naka-makeup with just one hero product.Been dreaming to achieve Kathryn s bright smooth even toned skin Then you might want to practice these tips stat  2
Your best beauty days are up ahead, with the Pond’s White Beauty Skin Perfector on your hand—the simplest way to looking radiant in an instant, Teen Queen style.
Been dreaming to achieve Kathryn s bright smooth even toned skin Then you might want to practice these tips stat  3