Momshie like no other: TV host, actress, entrepreneur, homemaker Karla Estrada does it all

Spending the whole day with Karla Estrada would really leave you at a dizzying pace.

No, she won’t rest on her laurels as the mom of one of the biggest young stars around, the Teen King Daniel Padilla, nor as a successful daytime talk show host in Magandang Buhay, Karla even spreads her wings further in other fields.

Also with occasional acting projects and other gigs, Karla primarily spends a very good amount of time keeping her household in order inside her picturesque, spacious and elegant home.

IN PHOTOS: A look inside Karla Estrada’s amazing home!

Not only does she focus her attention to Daniel, but also to all her kids JC, Margaret, and Carmela singlehandedly. And no one gets more special attention than the other, and all appreciate Karla for her efforts as a single mom. She is so much loved as a mom that even those who aren’t her kids, such as the Gigil Kid, Carlo Mendoza, want Karla to be their mom.

What further endears Karla more as a homemaker is that she is also an excellent cook, who whips up savory delicacies even on a whim.

Her visibility in the entertainment industry is wide-reaching—from a comedic part in Funny Ka, Pare Ko to being a hurado on It’s Showtime.


Her being one of the hosts of Magandang Buhay is her crowning glory as it validates her resonance as a media influencer.


And that’s not all.

Karla is also an astute businesswoman and entrepreneur who wouldn’t make any stone unturned in managing her beauty salon, Queen Mother, named after her showbiz nickname coined by KathNiel fans.


Not only does she intend to have a successful business of her own, but also push a franchising initiative of her salon to empower women in having their businesses of their own. Quite an inspiring gesture, indeed.

From singer-actress who worked her way up on her own to raising kids as a single mom, Karla Estrada’s mettle as an artist and as a person is truly formidable. Definitely, one who does it all, and quite incredibly, wishes to do more.