This Innovative Technology Will Make You Feel Like A Celebrity At Home!

Dreaming of a luxurious—and hassle-free—life at home like your favorite celebrities? Make it happen with LG Electronics and their smart appliances!


Total control at your fingertips

LG has come up with a range of smart appliances that you can control via the free LG SmartThinQ app. Think about it: you can check the remaining time on your washing machine cycle, or turn off your gas range, activate your air purifier—without lifting a finger or moving an inch! How glamorous is that?


Home smart home

LG Electronics has been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to improve productivity at home. In fact, the brand already has 90 smart appliances that any aspiring VIP would love! These products will be ready for roll out in the Philippines soon, but for now, you can experience the high life with the LG Instaview Door-in-DoorTM (DID). With this smart refrigerator, all you have to do is knock on the mirrored glass panel twice to check the contents of your fridge—no need to open the door. That makes recipe-planning, grocery-listing, and food-hunting so easy!


You can also set the refrigerator temperature and diagnose any refrigerator repair with a simple tap on your smartphone. More reasons why it’s a must-have? It has the ability to reduce cold air loss by up to 41%, making food stored in the refrigerator stay fresh longer. That’s less wastage for you! Plus, it has LG’s newly introduced Hygiene Fresh+ ™--this effectively eliminates odor-causing bacteria. Cool, huh?

Star treatment at home

Time to live the glamorous artista life you’ve been dreaming of! See? Even without the lights and the cameras, you can enjoy a convenient, extra glamorous and artista-like lifestyle with LG!


To experience the top-notch technologies of LG, visit any LG dealer store near you. You may also visit (LINK) to learn more about their products!