Beauty Reigns With Power: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid Is The New Brand Ambassador For BYS Cosmetics Philippines

When you’re an entertainment queen like Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, you know that the secret to success is keeping your most trusted allies—and beauty tools—close to your heart. 

As a singer, actress, producer and legendary celebrity, Regine is constantly in the spotlight, camera-ready in a flash for long-hours at a time. How does she do it so flawlessly? Years of practice, of course, but also a dedication to always be better than ever. So not only has she masterfully learned to do her own makeup, she’s amassed her own beauty expertise.  No surprise then that Regine is now also the reigning endorser of BYS Cosmetics Philippines; she’s out to prove that beauty fit for a queen does not have to be complicated, or expensive. 

Yes, you can do it, too! With time and some practice, you can be your own superstar. If you’re just starting to do your own makeup, we highly recommend finding multi-purpose products; they’re easy to use, and you save a lot of money. One of our favorites in the market is the BYS Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Tint, a versatile tint you can apply as both blush and lip color. For a natural, everyday glow, you can apply it lightly and blend; or, for a more diva finish, layer the tint gradually as you build up to a dramatic look. Best of all, it’s long lasting and smudge a resistant enough to stay-on for hours.

It’s the perfect piece for a power-woman on the go, taking you from office to date night, from family hang-outs to onstage performances. So why not give that BYS Cosmetics Lip and Cheek tint a try? Discover your own #ReignWithPower.