This Drugstore Product Is the Secret to Nadine Lustre’s Covetable Summer Glow


If there’s anything that can be said about Nadine Lustre these days, it’s that she’s constantly blooming. Find out what gives this beach babe that enviable radiance


Nadine Lustre is #goals in more ways than one. Girls look up to her for her inspiring journey in showbiz. It was an industry some people said she would never fit in, but she eventually did, and even became one of its most sought-after young stars.


Her passion for performing and patience to wait for her star to shine at the right time are what make Nadine a truly inspirational and aspirational young lady.


But apart from being a role model for her amazing talent and great attitude, Nadine is also the beauty peg of many. Simple yet stunning, she slays every beauty look she wears—be it the classic smoky-eye or the trendy faux-freckled makeup style. Even her “no-makeup” makeup looks are a standout, because she has beautiful and glowing skin to begin with.


For someone who loves going to the beach, where exposure to the sun can not only darken but also age the skin, Nadine manages to keep her skin in tiptop shape. A no-frills kind of girl, she keeps her skincare regimen simple. The most important product in her beauty arsenal is the new Pond’s White Beauty Whitening Sun Protect which works double-duty to give one a healthy and glowing skin. This innovative product protects the skin from the sun outside and whitens skin from the inside at the same time.


It’s formulated with SPF 50 that provides up to 500 minutes of protection from 98% of UVB rays and PA+++ that protects against up to 93.75% of UVA rays.


It has a light, non-sticky feel best for everyday use. For best results, complement it with Pond’s White Beauty Facial Foam, Pond’s White Beauty Toner, and Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream.


No matter how long, stressful, and busy she may be, Nadine is confident that at the end of the day, she will still look fresh, radiant, and flawless with her go-to beauty product in tow. We all know her boyfriend James Reid is part of the reason behind her blooming look—now, the other secret to her glow is revealed.   


This Drugstore Product Is the Secret to Nadine Lustre s Covetable Summer Glow 1