Yam and Sam react to Kylie and Jake’s Dele Alli Challenge attempt

2018 was probably the year of challenges. There was the “In My Feelings” and “Level Up” dance challenges. Videos of pet owners holding up a blanket in front of them then dropping it and running away also became a trend thanks to the adorable reactions of man’s furry best friends. Don’t forget the “Invisible Challenge” where someone would get pranked into thinking they were invisible. Another one that took over the internet is the “Dele Alli Challenge” and guess who recently gave it a try?

Los Bastardos lead actor Jake Cuenca posted a video on Instagram of leading lady Kylie Versoza trying to teach him the finger twisting trick. “Okay, you do this,” she said in a sweet voice before effortlessly executing the hand sign and even giving a little wave. Meanwhile, he seemed completely lost. “I can’t do it,” he said which made her laugh. Eventually he admitted defeat because it was “so complicated.”


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The comments section of Jake’s post was filled with netizens’ loving how cute they looked together. And it seems Halik stars Yam Concepcion and Sam Milby agree with everyone because they decided to recreate it. Although, the hand sign they attempted was something else. Kylie thought it was hilarious and reposted the clip on her IG stories. Jake also re-uploaded it and wrote, “Anong gusto mong palabasin milbs?

Can you do the Dele Alli Challenge? It all started because of English professional footballer Dele Alli who celebrated a goal by doing what looked like an upside down “OK” gesture at first glance. Little did the internet know, this hand sign would test everyone’s patience and finger flexibility. But if you think this is too complicated, then maybe you can do what Yam and Sam did and just copy Kylie and Jake. It still looks like a lot of fun!