“After success, ano’ng next?” Take your cue from Enchong Dee’s MMK character, Jayvee, and gear up for a brighter 2018


Success can be intoxicating. It’s easy to get caught up with the accomplishments and all the perks that come with it, but what comes after can be quite a question mark. After crossing the finish line, what is there to do? Sometimes, we get so caught up in reaching our goal, that we don’t plan beyond it.


In times like this, we can look to Enchong Dee for some words of wisdom. Or, more specifically, his character Jayvee in the memorable Maalaala Mo Kaya episode Kakanin, which has a lot to teach us about dealing with life after a dream comes true.


As a young boy, Jayvee was given up by his biological parents for adoption, and, in his quest to prove himself, he transformed from being a kakanin seller to being the youngest sales manager at Sun Life Financial. Here are three important life tips we learned from Jayvee’s story--let us know if you agree!


1. Enjoy the moment. Before anything else, take a deep breath and relish your accomplishment. It’s easy to lose sight of all the hard work you’ve done, and all the struggles you overcame on your way to the top. Not everyone can do what you did, so pause and enjoy the view! Reward yourself like Jayvee did, when he bought himself his dream car, and gave his adoptive family the refrigerator they’ve long been wishing for.


2. Find a mentor. Your life mentor could come in the form of an older friend, relative, or boss. Ideally, your mentor can help you figure out your passions and personal “stretch goals,” or goals that would require you to step out of your comfort zone. Having a good mentor can keep you on the right track. Jayvee’s manager in Sun Life helped him get unstuck, and pushed him to keep going even when things got rough.


3. Pay it forward. In the same way you’ve been blessed in your journey to success, make an effort to give back to those who might also need a boost. Jayvee did this by inspiring a new batch of aspiring financial advisors: “The most important thing is I’m able to give back. At natupad yung pangarap ko… pero ang pinaka-importante, natupad yung pangarap ng mga mahal ko sa buhay. That’s why I’m very thankful to our dear company. For giving me a chance to better my life. And also a chance to make other people lives better. It wasn’t a walk in a park. Take inspiration from that. Use that to create your own story of success while helping other people.”


Enchong Dee portrayal of Jayvee is definitely a great reminder that there’s more for us to pursue if only we look at the horizon for bigger things. If you want to learn more from him and his life story, you can watch the very inspiring and very moving MMK episode here: http://www.iwantv.com.ph/