Seven local educational shows kids can learn from this summer

Help your kids continue learning even when school is out for the summer, with Knowledge Channel’s shows that are a perfect mix of entertainment and education. Available on ABS-CBN TVplus, Knowledge Channel is easily accessible to kids of different levels, with topics that cover math, science, English, Filipino, social studies, values education, and even early childhood education.


1. Agricoolture (Monday to Wednesday, 11:20 and 4pm)

Teach your children to value the country’s lush tropical climate and the wonders of our agricultural sector in time for your yearly summer trip to the beach or province with “AgriCOOLture.” The show educates children on crop, livestock and poultry, and fish farming, while featuring the business potential of each sector. “AgriCOOLture” also tackles economy and science in a way that children can understand and appreciate the concepts.



2. MathDali (Monday to Friday at 10:20 and 3pm)

Trying to think up ways you can entertain the kids? Join them in a MathDali viewing session daily. “MathDali” helps make learning fun and easy by tackling common core topics in math in a light, entertaining way. The topics that the show covers are math concepts that kids can use in later, more advanced math lessons.



3. Pamana (Monday to Wednesday at 9:20 and 2pm)

If the family is planning a trip, “Pamana” might be a good learning companion for the kids. It’s a fun way to learn about history and geography as it follows lead character Nico while he learns about the country’s different regions and provinces, as well as each location’s unique culture and history. Watch the episodes on the specific destinations to give your kids a better appreciation of the places they’ll be seeing.

4. Wow (Tuesdays at 7:30 pm)

Help your kids cultivate a love for local culture with “Wow,” as kids get to see what each region in our country has to offer. Kids will learn a wealth of knowledge about the different histories, cultures and industries unique to the country’s different regions.


5. Solved (Monday to Friday at 11 am and 3:40 pm)

Children can learn math while learning practical life skills in “Solved,” an intermediate math program that illustrates math concepts in real life situations. Save on the extra math tutorials and join them in these interactive videos, which you can also help explain to them if needed.


6.Kasaysayan TV (Mondays at 10 am and 2:40 pm)

Kasaysayan TV tackles different aspects of Philippine history in a digestible way while teaching values education. Children will easily digest information in the storytelling style of tackling moments in our country’s history.


7. Alikabuk (Thursday and Friday at 9:20 am and 2pm)

Alikabuk encourages new generations of Filipino schoolchildren to understand, study, and appreciate Philippine Literature, by introducing classics by using day to day settings and educating them on nuances on proper intonation and pronunciation.



Watch these shows and more on Knowledge Channel, available on ABS-CBN TVplus. Founded in 1999, Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. develops K-12 curriculum-based educational videos and makes them accessible on-air through the Knowledge Channel (also on SKY, Destiny, SKY Direct, 130 cable service partners), online, and on YouTube. The non-profit organization also provides professional teacher training to improve teaching skills and content knowledge, thereby helping audiences learn better through technology. Donations to KCFI may be made through