Shining Brightly: The Top 10 i-Shiners of Promil Pre-School’s Online Talent Camp

Ten awe-inspiring kids made their mark as they unleashed their potential during the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Online Talent Camp Grand Finale held recently at the Dolphy Theater of ABS-CBN.

From thousands of hopeful participants, these young, prized wonders captured the hearts of the audience with their innate talents, sprightly wit and impressive performance.

On its fourth year, Promil Pre-School’s exciting workshop has been helping nurture the gifts of talented preschoolers across the country. Six weeks of comprehensive lessons last year with notable celebrity mentors helped bring out and enrich their amazing abilities.

Let’s get to know these outstanding kids one by one.

Visual Arts

Worthington Lodriga

This Little Picasso of Pasig wowed the crowd with his remarkable talent in drawing at a tender age of seven. Inspired and nurtured by his lovely mom Wendy, Worthington, or “Worth” for short, expressed his colorful and meaningful ponderings in his sketches and rendition of colors. Anyone can expect that this kid, who is also a top student and baseball player at the De La Salle Greenhills, will go places and reach heights.

Angela Tan

While other children are busy playing, Angela Tan is preoccupied observing her environment. What does she get from doing so? Visions for her next artwork. Remarkably, this “Paint Princess of Tarlac” even gets more inspired by new expressions of art. Most of her time is also devoted to honing her craft since she is being homeschooled.

Heinz Romero

Nothing is too late when it comes to discovering your talents. Heinz Romero of Manila may have learned his talent for painting just this year, but he can already create vibrant landscapes that can truly wow the soul. Thanks to Hamzah Marbella, another prized young artist, Heinz’ desire to enter the world of arts was strengthened.

Tonyo Pacua

If it is fascinating to see children indulging themselves in reading books at a young age, it’s more surprising to see a child enjoying Van Gogh and Da Vinci books. Five-year-old Sammy Pascua of Taguig is one of those children. Aside from painting, he also has this thing for giving unique names for his abstract paintings.

Altamira Saycon

When we were young, we have all been through the habit of drawing our favorite cartoon characters but, of course, sketching them like a pro is quite difficult. With seven-year-old Altamira Saycon’s artistic talent, this isn’t impossible at all. No doubt why she is hailed as the “Paintbrush Royalty of Manila.”

Performing Arts

Sean Alcovendas

“Practice makes perfect” is the fitting adage for the seven year old Sean Alcovendas. Dubbed as the “Wonder Stomper of Pampanga,” his wondrous dancing skills can be attributed to his early engagement in dancing workshops at a young of five. With Sean’s krumping and hiphop style, we might just be looking at the next Jhong Hilario of his generation.

Yessha De Las Calzada

Seven-year-old wonder Yessha de la Calzada justified her “Karaoke Diva of Cebu City” moniker. With her give-all weekly performance, it only shows how her early fascination with singing and playing with tunes furthered the development of her talent.

Gella Vergara

The Queen City of the South is truly really blessed, amid the many brilliant i-Shiners to root for. While children are pretty expected to sing ordinary tunes, seven-year-old Gella Vergara made the difference. At a young age of three, she was heard humming Do Re Mi in the right tune. Thus, the “Young Siren of Cebu” title only fits this aspiring diva.

Claire Geonzon

This little i-Shiner from Quezon City took the Frozen movie fever to the next level. Claire Geonzon stunned everyone when she belted out Idina Menzel’s “Let it Go” during her Kinder-2 graduation. This “Sweet Songbird of Quezon City” only showed that viewers and judges were right to make her a wildcard i-Shiner.

Kurt Benedict Lamparas

What can seal a great comeback? Kurt Benedict’s groovy dance moves and his irresistible charm were more than enough to answer that. Another Cebuano pride, this budding star’s love for thrilling breakdance performance started at the age of three. No wonder why the “Dancefloor Charmer of Cebu” perfected the formula to winning the crowd’s heart.

A few months back, Promil Pre-School launched the Gifted Movement campaign, which is a collective crusade to discover, encourage and nurture the gifts of Filipino kids. The brand aims to gain the commitment of parents and stakeholders to take an active role in advocating and nurturing giftedness in the country.

Part of the Gifted Movement Campaign is Promil Pre-School’s i-Shine Talent Camp, which inspires parents to bring out the best in their kids and let their children’s talent shine. The program searches for exceptional young talents and provides them with meaningful training and workshops with top-caliber mentors. On its fourth season, i-Shine is online to enable more children across the archipelago to participate in the talent camp.

“Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp provides parents with a platform to support, nurture, and capture their kids’ giftedness. We hope to inspire more parents to discover and develop their children’s talents,” says Promil Pre-School Lead Rachel Tongson.

Support your kids in their quest to discover themselves and unleash their abilities like the top 10 i-Shiners, who have demonstrated what it takes to be a star! Let them shine!