Beauty Transformation Tips to Channel Your Inner Beauty Queen


Whether you are an aspiring beauty queen or not, every independent and modern Filipina should have the opportunity to choose her look and wear it with confidence. Just like our Miss Universe hopeful Rachel Peters, you don’t have to be part of a pageant to look your most beautiful. Here are our top beauty tips that can give you the power to transform into your best look ever. 


Keep it simple yet classy in the fashion department




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Look effortlessly fashionable by sticking to simple yet classy outfits that will never go out of style. Get Rachel’s relaxed yet well put together look by investing in some key pieces and the right accessories. Know your body type and choose high quality outfits that flatter your curves.


Embrace your own kind of beauty



It’s not always about having flawless makeup and a million watt smile. Channeling your inner beauty queen also means radiating an inner confidence. Beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes—clichรฉ but true. So stop comparing yourself to others and embrace your own kind of beauty. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the fact that she’s happy and content with the person she has become.

Your face is the first thing people notice so make sure it is well taken care of. Get a regular facial to avoid breakouts and even out your skin tone. Try on different looks when it comes to makeup!


Treat your body with the love it deserves




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Healthy looking skin is well nourished and glowing. Eating the right kinds of food and practicing healthy habits also contribute towards flawless looking skin. Invest in a good moisturizer and sun protection to keep dryness and sun damage away. 


Make drop-dead gorgeous hair transformations happen



Red Charity Gala โœจ Styled and hair by @bonitapenaranda Wearing @jazcerezo Make up by me and nails by @mimsqiu

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#WearTheCrown like a beauty queen by keeping your hair beautiful. Like Rachel, you can channel your inner beauty queen with the right attitude and hair and beauty care. So go ahead, try these tips—and transform into the fiercest, boldest, most beautiful you with Cream Silk's Customized Solutions with advanced hair reborn technology that can adapt to all your hair’s needs. Discover your #PowerToTransform with Creamsilk and #WearTheCrown.