Charo Santos- Concio's book "My Journery: The Story Of An Unexpected Leader," now a Certified Best Seller
Charo Santos Concio s book My Journery The Story Of An Unexpected Leader now a Certified Best Seller 1

The memoir-leadership manual of ABS-CBN’s chief content officer Charo Santos-Concio, entitled “My Journey: The Story of an Unexpected Leader,” has won over readers, topping the list of Powerbooks’ non-fiction bestsellers among Philippine publications for the month of May.

The master storyteller on television with the longest running drama anthology “MMK” has now made her mark as a notable storyteller in print through her book which spans her childhood up to her retirement as president and CEO of ABS-CBN.

Charo recalls her journey to the top, sharing lessons that have been vital in her journey. “I never really planned out my life the way it unfolded. I was just really open to the opportunities that came my way. One can be full of self-doubts and fears, and I had to grapple with them. It allowed me to connect the dots and gave me a chance to be kind to myself and learn from my mistakes.”

An Mercado Alcantara joined Charo as co-writer of the book, revealing that the latter was hesitant at first, but was encouraged to pursue this project to help others. “If by telling her story, it will encourage others to dream and to follow their passion, she said she’s willing to do it.”

According to Charo, “many parts of my story would resonate with everyone -- men and women who are aspiring for greater dreams for themselves.”

Each chapter has a summary at the end, highlighting the leadership lessons she gained from various parts of her life, and the values she espoused as she went through challenging trials in her career.

The bestselling bio-manual for leadership success published by ABS-CBN Publishing is now on its third round of printing. Grab a copy of “My Journey: The Story of an Unexpected Leader” available at selected Powerbooks, Fully Booked, and National Book Store outlets for P550.