​From Billy Joe to Billy Crawford: How a Boy Wonder Reached International Success
 From Billy Joe to Billy Crawford How a Boy Wonder Reached International Success 1

Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford was discovered at the early age of three while singing at a bowling alley his mom frequented. He became a talent of the variety show "That's Entertainment" (1986-1004) where he was under the name Billy Joe.
That's Entertainment


He has a rather interesting lineage as his father is an American while his mother is from Jaro, Iloilo City. At the age of 11, he moved to the United States, specifically Dallas, Texas, where his international popularity started. He moved to New York City and changed his name to Billy Crawford. He also started performing in the United Kingdom, France, and Asia and danced with Michael Jackson onstage the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards at 14.

After major chart success abroad and performing in various countries, he returned to the Philippines for a dance reality show in the rival network. It was a callout for talented dancers who can serve as his back-up for an upcoming concert "Billy Crawford: It's Time." It proved to be a success and he returned to the United States right after.

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