Get closer with Up Dharma Down’s “Just a Smile” rendition

There’s nothing quite like an iconic love song that triggers the butterflies in your stomach, resulting to that giddy, inexplicable feeling.

Barbie Almalbis’ classic love song “Just a Smile” just does that.

Remember that Closeup Commercial where Barbie Almalbis and Sam Milby made for one cute couple? Unfortunately, Cupid had other ideas. But hey, star-crossed lovers, secret glances and near misses always make for a more rewarding, kilig-worthy eventual meeting.

Ten years hence, Closeup reintroduces “Just a Smile” through alternative Pinoy band Up Dharma Down. The top act has a couple of notable “hugot” love songs featuring thought-provoking lyrics and melodies from the soul.

With this track record, Armi’s soothing voice, and the band’s knack to make music that bring about feelings of closeness, Up Dharma Down is the perfect choice to give this song a fresh new sound.

Their rendition of “Just A Smile” shows us how they have mastered the act of giving that kilig feeling by adding their own brand of soul into the song, and allowing us to go back to that moment of closeness we shared and continue to share with our special someone.

Making the moment of closeness come alive, Closeup introduces a fresh, new tandem for this campaign—young actors Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona.

In the new Closeup commercial, the “Born for You” stars are seen getting closer as Up Dharma Down’s rendition of “Just a Smile” seamlessly played in the background. Their natural chemistry can’t help but make us feel kilig with every smile they shared.

Off screen, Janella and Elmo are beginning to get closer as they get to know each other better.

With a number of projects lined up for them, individually and as a love team, we can be sure that they’ll be sharing more “Closeup moments” as the months go by, constantly bringing the feeling of closeness and freshness with these kilig moments.

Closeup is known for iconic “Closeup moments” like this because it undoubtedly gives us the confidence to get closer.

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