JoshLia’s secrets to staying stronger together


With legions of fans, tons of projects and new awards under their belt, there’s no doubt that Joshua and Julia’s tandem is indeed a force to be reckoned with. But truth be told, success as we know it comes with a whole lot of pressure that can put a strain on any relationship. Despite this, JoshLia seems to show no signs of slowing down. How do they do it? Let’s crack their secrets to keeping their on and off-screen bond stronger than ever!

They dont shy away from encouraging each other
Feelings of reassurance don’t come easy these days. Especially for young celebrities who are more prone to criticisms rather than encouragements. These two sure however, know what wonders their soothing words can do for each other.


JoshLia s secrets to staying stronger together 1

Julia gives Joshua a confidence boost via a heartfelt tweet.


They genuinely care for each other


Any ordinary person would agree that balancing life and work is no walk in the park. Imagine how much more for public figures like Joshua and Julia! Celebrity or not however, it really helps to have someone who cares for us just as much as we care for them.


JoshLia s secrets to staying stronger together 2

Joshua brightens Julia’s day by sending her a funny yet thoughtful note during her hospital confinement.


They handle criticisms with positivity


It’s easy to lose your cool when people who barely know you carelessly hurl harsh words your way – but not for JoshLia! The two would rather see the brighter side of things than fire back with negativity.


JoshLia s secrets to staying stronger together 3

Julia takes on the opportunity to sincerely thank her detractors and wish them well as she replies to one of her commenters.


They choose to see past each other’s flaws


As awesome as their love team may be, Joshua and Julia are well aware that there are still many things about them that need improvement. Despite this, their on and off-screen relationship evidently grows stronger as they continue to show everyone that they accept and appreciate themselves and each other, flaws and all.


In their latest ad, Joshua sincerely expresses that he can always look past other people’s perceptions of his on and off-screen partner. And all this is because he’s confident that he knows the real Julia by heart. Watch their new ad here:


This ad features the secret behind Joshua and Julia’s capability to withstand criticisms about them as individuals and as a love team.


People who are fascinated by JoshLia will say that they adore the tandem because of the kilig factor that they so effortlessly exude. But, true fans will know that the secret behind their unique chemistry comes from a genuine off-screen friendship that it is strongly rooted in trust, sincerity and acceptance – the very keys to any sturdy and lasting relationship.