#FreeToLove: 5 Local Movies that Showed Us What Real Love Is

The best romantic films are the ones that remind us how real love could break all barriers. They’re the ones that stand out--making us regret why didn’t keep a box of tissue at hand and filling our hearts to the brim with feels, from misery to delight (or the other way around), and everything in between. 

And so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve listed movies that reflect exactly that, showing us different kinds of people in love caught up in unusual type of situations, say, a May-December relationship, or a guy-girl-gay love triangle. Tick off an item or two if you’ve already watched them, and check out the rest if you haven’t yet!

1. Glorious

Glorious pretty much set social media on fire when the film’s trailer dropped--garnering 8.5M views in 3 days, to be exact. But really, who could blame the netizens? Save for the fact that Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino were both sizzling hot, it’s not everyday you get to see a Pinoy film pushing the boundaries and tackling a story about something that’s almost always kept as a secret. You see, the movie is about Glory (Angel Aquino) who fell in love with Niko (Tony Labrusca), 30 years her junior. As they tried to keep their relationship intact, they struggled to fit in a society that frowned upon an old woman falling in love with a younger man. 

You can stream Glorious on the iWant App, or at www.iwant.ph

2. My Big Love

In 2008, Star Cinema produced My Big Love, a story about Macky (Sam Milby), a culinary chef who had all the makings of the perfect man--except for the fact that he was overweight. In his effort to impress his long-time crush, Nina (Kristine Hermosa) by losing weight, he met Aira (Toni Gonzaga), a fitness instructor. And on the road towards his #fitnessgoals, he found himself--and discovered that love knows no size.

3. The Third Party

Picture this: You’re a pregnant woman whose baby was about to get adopted. By your ex. And his current boyfriend. Yup, that’s what The Third Party’s story revolves around--a bizarre love triangle, if you will, starring Angel Locsin (Andi), Sam Milby (Max), and Zanjoe Marudo (Christian). In their journey towards acceptance, they discovered that love should be celebrated--all kinds of it. 

4. Suddenly, It’s Magic!

The story follows Joey Hermosa (Erich Gonzales), a sought-after Filipina baker, and Marcus Hanson (Mario Maurer), a famous Thai celebrity. In an attempt to take a break from his career, Marcus visited the Philippines, and found new love in Joey. Despite facing conflicts brought about by their cultural differences and the people surrounding them, they let go of their inhibitions and chose to love.

5.    Loving in Tandem

This romantic comedy was the debut film of Maymay Entrata (Shine) and Edward Barber (Luke). The story involves Shine, a bubbly young lady who hoped and prayed to meet ‘the one’, and Luke, a balikbayan who was forced to go to the Philippines when his father died. Devoted to provide for her family, Shine would look for ways to get money, even if that meant being involved in a scamming incident. After meeting in the most unexpected circumstance, they fell in love--despite their social and cultural differences.

All these characters fought for one thing: love. No matter where they came from, no matter who they were, they all recognized that they were free to love. This Valentine’s Day, we only wish for one thing--that you find the courage to take a leap, and choose to follow your heart. If you haven’t already, it’s the perfect time to fess up to that special someone. Who knows? Like most of these movies, it could lead to a happy ending. 

This is a reminder from Closeup. After launching their #FreeToLove movement, they are encouraging the public to break barriers by celebrating love of all forms, shapes, and sizes. To know more, check this out:



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