5 Model Families in Kapamilya Teleseryes

Over the years, Kapamilya teleseryes have showed us different kinds of families that have survived all the ups and downs of life. Today, we list down 5 model families from your favorite past and current Kapamilya teleseryes.

1. The Crisostomos (Be My Lady)

5 Model Families in Kapamilya Teleseryes 1

Pinang (Erich Gonzales) is the responsible daughter and nurse of Emilio (Al Tantay), a hardworking farmer, and Mercy (Janice de Belen), a former overseas Filipino worker, and has two siblings, Mackie (RK Bagatsing) and Julian (Yves Flores). The family lives in a very simple house in the province. They may not be financially rich but their overflowing love for each other make them very rich emotionally. They may have lost their land property but they know how to cherish what they have and more importantly, they’re always there to support each other.

2. The Olivars (On The Wings of Love)

5 Model Families in Kapamilya Teleseryes 2

Leah (Nadine Lustre) is the ambitious daughter of Sol (Joel Torre) and Rona (Isay Alvarez) and the younger sister of Tiffany (Bianca Manalo). The family may be poor but they remain very happy and positive about life. Rona went to the United States to work as an overseas Filipino worker, and later on faked her death to her family. When Leah grew up, she wanted to go to the United States as well to pursue her American dream. When Leah discovered her mom’s secret, it had a big toll on the entire family. Eventually, because of their undying love for each other, Sol and Rona got together. Leah then stayed and worked in San Francisco for a long time but their family survived the many problems they went through, like the several heart attacks of Sol, because their love bound them together no matter how far apart. They have proven that love really knows no distance.

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