If Someone Would Play Duterte on Screen, Who Would It Be? Part 3

4) John Arcilla

Multi-awarded actor John Arcilla was the recent talk of the town after his outstanding portrayal of the courageous “Heneral Luna” in a biopic film. The rather vulgar tongue, witty sarcasm, and strictness of the general can be compared to the traits of the presumptive president.

5) Coco Martin

The Probinsyano has also been mentioned as a possible actor for the role of Mayor Duterte. Why not? If he can be the badass police officer, he can also be the badass president.

Some netizens even enumarated possible cast members of a comprehensive episode of his life story. A gradeschooler Duterte could be played by Bugoy Carino, the teenager part could be Daniel Padilla, and the college years can be portrayed by Coco Martin. Efren Reyes and Eddie Garcia can then play the older Duterte. His family members could be Darren Espanto, Robin Padilla, and Julia Barreto as suggested by another follower.

Other names also came up, such as Kuya Jobert, Ian Veneracion, Philip Salvador, Albert Martinez, and John Lloyd Cruz.

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