Must-See: The Heartthrobs’ Performances That Scream Superstar Confidence

Needless to say, the singing heartthrobs are more than just pretty faces. The boys never fail to stun the crowd with their show-stopping performances and dashing style. And as Pinoy Boyband Superstar winds down to its final episode, you just can’t help but reminisce their first group performances—back when they were still trying to earn a spot in the grand finals.

Miss the boys that much? Let’s take a step back and relive the first live show performances of the Top 12!




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Must See The Heartthrobs Performances That Scream Superstar Confidence 1

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Must See The Heartthrobs Performances That Scream Superstar Confidence 2

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It’s just a matter of days before we meet the newest members of the Ultimate Pinoy Boyband. Whoever makes it to the top, we’re sure to expect great things from the winning heartthrobs!

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