Piolo Pascual and the woman who helps him manage his finances successfully

He has long been at the forefront of advocating financial literacy, but actor Piolo Pascual will be the first to admit that even now, he still needs guidance and help to ensure that he’ll be able to achieve his financial goals.   

This is where a special woman in Piolo’s life comes in: his sister Chiqui Pascual-Gonzales, who’s also his Sun Life financial advisor.

The siblings graced a press conference mounted recently by Sun Life Financial to promote its latest campaign, which puts the spotlight on the promises that, when fulfilled, enrich and strengthen relationships. It was a theme very much applicable to Piolo and Chiqui.

My Ate Chiqui has been instrumental in the fulfillment of my aspirations,” Piolo shared. “With my sister around, I don't have to worry about my policies and investments too much, because she’s always in charge and she updates me regularly.”

He further adds that while he’s grown more confident about handling his investments, his sister helps him choose the right investments and options available that would help him grow his money. “I am not stuck with one policy because my sister always makes sure that I am aware of the new programs or the new products that Sun Life has to offer,” Piolo relayed.

A good foundation for financial security

According to Chiqui, it wasn’t really difficult convincing Piolo to put his finances in place, because he has always been mindful about money. “When he was starting out in his career, talagang he made sure na meron na siyang sine-save for his future, even for (his son) Inigo. Naka-save na lahat. I just update him kung ano na kailangan niya and ‘pag may bago kaming products, I tell him na ‘you have to have this also.’”

Asked about the best financial advice she has provided her brother, this was what Chiqui had to say: “Diversify so you can have to have funds for every goal that you have. Like noong nag-uumpisa pa lang siya, dapat he would save for his emergency fund, tapos ‘yung retirement fund. Noong nagkaroon siya ng Inigo, he started saving for the education of Inigo.”

Piolo as an inspiration to others

Being a public figure and Sun Life’s brand ambassador, Piolo feels the need to be responsible with his money, so he can be an inspiration to his supporters. “It's important to know what you are saying, to walk your talk, because people's eyes are on you,” he said.

Piolo feels fortunate to have his sister by his side when it comes to choosing the right investments for his hard-earned money. With Chiqui’s guidance, Piolo is able to achieve his goals for himself and for his family. With their joint efforts and hard work, the actor is on track to achieve his financial goals. Plus, he continues to grow as a financial wellness advocate.

Truly, a great relationship results to a lifelong partnership.

Piolo and Chiqui’s story is just one of many in Sun Life, where lifetime partnerships are developed and nurtured through the years. In fact, this has inspired Sun Life’s latest campaign, at the forefront of which is a new TV commercial highlighting Sun Life’s presence in a client’s life throughout the different stages of her life. Watch the video below.