ElNella shares the 3 things they love about each other

3 things Elmo Magalona loves about Janella Salvador


3 things Janella Salvador loves about Elmo Magalona

Fans have fallen in love with ElNella after seeing their great chemistry in Born for You back in 2016. But what does Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador love about each other?

Elmo shared that he admired her professionalism. Even when Janella was still recovering after getting sick, it didn’t show in her acting. And when it was Elmo who got sick, Janella was there to make her famous mac and cheese. He also commended her appreciation for music.

Janella praised Elmo’s fashion sense, and his dedication. She revealed that they had a lot of hard scenes that were shot in the ocean. And when Janella got sick, Elmo became her alarm clock that was always there to remind her when to take her medicine.