Hot Stuff: What Drove Solenn to Go Mad?

Hot Stuff What Drove Solenn to Go Mad  1

Solenn Heussaff. Actress. Model. Host. Singer. Fashion designer. Artist. It girl. Solenn’s got it all, Solenn CAN do it all.

Then why does Solenn appear to be losing her mind? In the image above, she’s a mess, which is so unlike her. You see, while she’s essentially a goddess, Solenn suffers from normal-people problems, too. And you know what’s infuriating Solenn in this case? Bad hair day.

Solenn’s bout with bad hair day couldn’t have come at a worse time, though. It was the morning of a big shoot, and her hair just won’t cooperate. You’ve probably been in the same boat before. While your case may not be a shoot, it’s perhaps a critical client presentation or a date with your crush (may god have mercy on you). And this is probably the worst thing about bad hair days—you never know when they’re going to hit. Like Solenn, you’ve probably screamed “Ngayon pa talaga!” at your hair that just won’t be tamed. 
Hot Stuff What Drove Solenn to Go Mad  2


That was then for Solenn. Now, she’s found an easy solution to taming frizzy, fly-away, and wild-away hair—Vitress. It’s her secret to beautiful hair—minus the grease and stickiness. Ever since the handy serum became a staple in her glam kit, she stopped going gaga over her locks.

Bad hair days happen. But you don’t have to succumb to it: #JustVitress! Like Solenn, use it every day and bring it wherever you go. With Vitress, your #HairGoals are just a few dabs away!
Hot Stuff What Drove Solenn to Go Mad  3