Resorts World Manila’s NYPD champions Filipino Cuisine

Resorts World Manila s NYPD champions Filipino Cuisine 1 IN PHOTO: Philippine Culinary Cup 2016 winners from Resorts World Manila’s NYPD (From L-R): Chef De Cuisine Angelo “Chubby” Timban, Commis 1 Dandy Nolasco, Commis Helper Billy Joel Palma, Sous Chef Windson Pascual, Commis 1 Edgardo Palafox, Jr., and Commis Helper Rolando Pascual.

In the way that its modern interiors exude the cosmopolitan vibe of the Big Apple yet still let you enjoy the warmth and comfort of home (not to mention a smorgasbord of mouthwatering dishes and buffets that remind most of us of mother’s home-cooked specialties), Resorts World Manila’s (RWM) signature restaurant New York Pinoy Deli (NYPD) is the perfect place for food lovers to satisfy their comfort food cravings.

At the frontline are NYPD’s service-oriented staff who are always on their feet to cater to the diners’ every whim. But behind NYPD are the true thrillmakers-- those in the kitchen with their totes and aprons masterfully preparing a feast of innovative dishes that puts NYPD on the Filipino culinary map.

Multi-awarded NYPD Chef De Cuisine Angelo ‘Chubby’ Timban takes the reins in NYPD’s kitchen together with a team that includes winners in the recent Philippine Culinary Cup (PCC) 2016, the most prestigious culinary competition in the country.

Chef Timban, Sous Chef Windson Pascual and Commis Helper Rolando Pascual’s win of the esteemed gold in PCC 2016’s K1-Filipino Cuisine Challenge cemented NYPD’s reputation as a preferred restaurant that showcases the best of Filipino cuisine.

For the competition, the NYPD chefs assembled a four-course spread presented in a segmented wooden tray highlighted by a map of the country. “We came up with a concept representing Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao,” shared Chef Chubby of their winning dishes. “It consists of an Ilocano soup called Pinablad Nga Bukil Ti Utong, a Sugba Kilaw salad with assorted inihaw, Tuna Panga Inasal as the main dish, and Tinapa Rice—everything complementing each other as a whole,” he added.

With NYPD preserving the essential flavors that remind most diners of home-cooked Filipino dishes, conceptualizing an authentic Filipino spread is right up the talented chefs’ alley.

Competing with the country’s best chefs from renowned F&B industries as well as the most prestigious hotel, resort and restaurant brands in the country, the NYPD team from RWM garnered a 92-point average to capture the gold.

Teeming with talented culinary experts, other winners from NYPD include Commis 1 Edgardo Palafox Jr. who got a 87-point average and a silver medal for the U.S. Pork category; Commis 1 Dandy Nolasco with a 71-point average and a bronze medal in the U.S. Poultry category; and Commis Helper Billy Joel Palma with a 71-point average and a bronze in the Quick Fire Salad category.

Resorts World Manila s NYPD champions Filipino Cuisine 2This month, the award-winning chefs of NYPD whip up two new mouthwatering offers for discerning foodies. Avid diners may sample the scrumptious spreads of NYPD’s Fiesta Pinoy buffet comprised of lavish servings of Pork Humba, Chicken Adobo, Bistek Tagalog, and other classic Pinoy dishes, or the Mongolian buffet with its generous selection of stir-fry meat and vegetables. Both smorgasbords can be complemented with assortments from the Central Island buffet.

More NYPD bestsellers such as Laing Lasagna, Tinapa Spaghetti, 5th Avenue Roast Turkey Sandwich, Times Square, Rainbow Room Monte Cristo, and more are on offer this August. Visit NYPD at the ground floor of the main gaming area in RWM.

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