5 delightful reasons why we must not miss Minute to Win It
5 delightful reasons why we must not miss Minute to Win It 1

On the very first Monday of the year 2019, the game show that gives us an adrenaline rush like no other will make its comeback on TV! And just why should we watch the third incarnation of Minute to Win It? Here are the five reasons why!

1. Mind Boggling Challenges

In this show, what seemed like the most impossible challenges ever to be accomplished is being defied. Remember when comediennes Negi and Long Mejia would both be able to bounce and shoot balls five times straight on a tall glass at a table? Can you recall the time when Jodi Sta. Maria successfully snatched 7 money bills between two bottles on a table without making each bottle fall? Maybe you can still remember Meg Imperial, landing three pieces of folded paper on a table 12 feet away only by using a makeshift slingshot made of an office chair and a rubber band? All those tough challenges were done within just a minute, and it all made them millionaires of the game!

2. Exceptional Host

The show will still be hosted by none other than one of the most prominent and exceptional game show hosts in the country, Luis Manzano. As we all know, Luis has that hosting style that is undoubtedly entertaining. He was even awarded by the PMPC Star Awards many times for being the best male TV host through the years. Luis is sure to give us a roller coaster of emotions while watching this show, as he continues to present us his enthusiastic and witty personality.

3. Resolute and Spirited Contestants

Even though we all know that the show gives the toughest challenges that might seem impossible, every contestant always had the most unwavering determination to win the game and be the Last Man or Last Duo Standing. Every contestant has those unbelievable strategies we sometimes wouldn’t think of. We learned many then, and we sure will learn a lot in the upcoming days of the show.

4. Incredible Team Ups

In Minute to Win It, there’s also the Last Duo Standing aside from the Last Man Standing. And in the past seasons, we all witnessed some amazing team ups in the show. Some are friends, some are lovers, and some are family. The funny and exciting thing is that the relationship of the partners is also tested in the end. Nevertheless, team ups are proven to become more dynamic because of the challenges they do together on the show.

5. Heart-stopping Winning Moments

Among all the exciting moments of the show, those winning moments are the most priceless above all. Admit it or not, the one million-peso challenge is what makes our hearts stop and whenever the contestant completes the dare, it always makes us go wild as if it’s us who won the game. We haven’t felt that for a long time, and now is the right time to feel that again.

How many times will we have that heart-stopping winning moments again? What kind of incredible team ups will we witness on the show? How high is the determination and spirits of our upcoming contestants? How will our exceptional host handle the show once more, and what mind-boggling challenges are yet to be defied again on the show?

Don’t miss the comeback of one of the most exciting game shows on Philippine television! Watch Minute to Win It starting this Monday before TV Patrol on Primetime Bida.