Frontrow spreads the holiday cheer by providing the perfect gift to deserving OFWs

All over the world – but most especially in the Philippines - Christmas is known to be the happiest time of the year. Family is everything to the Filipino, so celebrations such as Christmas Eve are planned and prepared for weeks ahead. But not all homes are filled with equal joy, especially when a parent or child’s absence serves as a painful reminder that yet again, for another celebration, the family is incomplete.

This is the case for many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), who must choose the greater sacrifice and duty of being away from family this time of year, in order to save a few more pennies and to provide for their loved ones. Through this sacrifice, OFWs prove yet again why they’re true modern-day heroes.

In this season of giving, Frontrow - the globally renowned, multi-awarded marketing company - took it upon themselves to give back and bring together Pinoy families by surprising them with the perfect gift.

Take a look into the inspiring and powerful stories of these 4 OFWs as they finally get their most yearned for Christmas wish.