JUST FOR FUN: Finally, we meet our netizens’ fantasy Avengers!

For the past few weeks, we have been awed, shocked, staggered and astonished by what is seen as the biggest box office hit Hollywood has produced this year.

Indeed, Avengers: Infinity War made us scream, laugh and even shed tears as our favorite Marvel superheroes assemble for that epic battle against Thanos, the greatest threat the universe has ever known.

Filipinos can’t get enough of the film as it has been well on its way to become the most successful movie shown in local theaters. Not only are we mesmerized by their awesome powers, we are also gripped by the story and the enigmatic yet engaging characters.

And while we continue appreciating the film, we can’t help but also fantasize who among our local Kapamilya actors could also power their way to glory as their imaginary Avengers.

In a series of polls on ABS-CBN Official Facebook Page, we asked Pinoy fans their fantasy choices for the dream Avengers cast that surely tickle our fancies. Finally, we meet our netizens’ picks as their imaginary Avengers from these fun polls.

Ian Veneracion as IRON MAN

Gerald Anderson as CAPTAIN AMERICA

Richard Gutierrez as THOR

Daniel Padilla as SPIDERMAN

Jericho Rosales as BLACK PANTHER

Maja Salvador as SCARLET WITCH


Albert Martinez as DOCTOR STRANGE

Julia Montes as BLACK WIDOW

Jake Cuenca as LOKI