SPECIAL FEATURE: How these 5 inspirational child-focused dramas become life-changers

Who can’t resist the charm of children on primetime TV?

Especially those who espouse the love for God and embody good moral values. Not only have they provided a much needed respite from the usual fare of teleseryes, they have pushed the envelope in reaching a sound moral order among families, children, and society, in general.

These four primetime dramas have proven that TV is not all about ratings or earnings, but also about using the powerful medium as a means to bring about reaching a moral high ground. Their eventual success proved that taking such a route has been all worthwhile.

May Bukas Pa

The idea of a caring yet naive orphan being friends with “Bro,” and becoming His instrument to bring about healing and transformation in the lives of people offers transcendence and a closer relationship with God through relentless faith.

This simple yet pristine approach has gripped televiewers around the world and truly made sense of hope in its airing of over a year. How Santino (Zaijian Jaranilla) tread this path and used supernatural powers he received from Bro to save those in need was a journey people needed to watch and internalize. This became their impetus to strengthen and deepen our faith in God.

100 Days to Heaven

How an arrogant, obnoxious, greedy businesswoman learned to change her ways by transforming into a kid was too irresistible for people to ignore in their nighttime viewing.

From this premise, we see how the characters led by Anna (Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat) emphasized the Christian virtue of forgiveness and how it brings about opportunities for us to change for the better.

This gave viewers a sense of hope and deliverance from our worst mistakes in life we would want to correct.


From the title and the name of the lead protagonist himself, Honesto is about seeking a prevalence of honesty in today’s world of lies, insincerity, fraud.

Honesto (Raikko Mateo) took this to heart in all his encounters and adventures in society, lest he unfortunately suffers a growing nose when untruths come out of him. Pretty much a fairy tale adaptation but nonetheless effective in putting the message across.

Indeed, only the least penetrable or sensitive individual could not learn the importance of pursuing the truth at all times.


An angel in our midst? Quite an idyllic prospect for everyone who believe in the goodness of these harbingers of the faith. But what was most absorbing about Nathaniel (Marco Masa), a beautiful soul brought back to Earth as an angel, was that he inspired all of us to seek the goodness out of every person.

It not only made us find the angels around us but also within us and make us do acts of kindness in our own way.

My Dear Heart

Captivating viewers starting on January 23 is yet another drama set to warm and grip our hearts. My Dear Heart will surely fascinate viewers with the beauty and power of love embodied quite appropriately by a girl named Heart.

How she expresses and shares her love to those around her will truly inspire viewers to follow suit. And not even a fatal illness could stop her from doing so as she further spreads the love in spirit.

What makes these dramas special to the millions who watch them? They don’t just entice viewers to stay glued, they also make us reconsider, revisit, and renew our lives for the better. And, with an innocent, gorgeous kid as the celebrated “messenger,” they are all the more the must-watch shows each weeknight that are so close to our hearts.