Conquer the universe with confidence and beyond beautiful hair
Conquer the universe with confidence and beyond beautiful hair  1

To compete on the world stage is an opportunity of a lifetime. The rare chance of representing our country is only given to a selected few. In a sea of people who aspire to create a mark in society, it takes a special quality to standout. To conquer the universe requires beyond charm and wit. A beauty queen empowered by limitless confidence is the one who claims victory in the end.

Winning a pageant like Bb. Pilipinas is only the first step of the thousands steps to come. Weaving a success story takes a lot of sweat and tears. It entails enormous sacrifice. Pushing oneself and going beyond the borders of her comfort zone are essential requirements to cultivate success. Wearing the crown is indeed not an easy task but a woman who unleashes her full potential can conquer a universe of endless opportunities and possibilities.

Cream Silk has transformed the hair of innumerable beauty queens and empowered them to overcome their limiting self beliefs throughout the years. The world’s number one conditioner has provided them with confidence starting with having beyond beautiful hair, so that each one can reach their highest potential and achieve their dreams. Cream Silk has relentlessly supported modern Filipinas in international pageants who promoted great causes and defined the roles they play in the development of the community they serve.

Conquer the universe with confidence and beyond beautiful hair  2

Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters is next in line who will attempt to bag the most coveted crown in the universe. Armed with passion, dedication and confidence, this Filipina will venture into breaking new grounds for our country. Competing against equally stunning beauty queens from around the world will be a grueling journey, but with empowering qualities, there is no doubt our candidate will outshine them all.

"To me this is such a dream come true. I am so happy and I am so grateful for all the people who helped me along the way. I hope that I could make the Philippines proud," Rachel says.

As she commences her quest to claim the Miss Universe title, Rachel will continue her transformation to unleash her greatest potential even more. Cream Silk will play a vital part in the process by providing her the confidence to conquer the universe and #WearTheCrown. With the support of Cream Silk and the Filipinos all over the world, the road to the title will indeed be a worthwhile fight. As she prepares for one of the biggest battles of her life, everyone will be eagerly waiting for the empowered, beyond beautiful Filipina to once again confidently bring honor, pride and hope to our nation