Exclusive: Photos Of Our ‘The Voice Teens’ #AlwaysReady Ladies From The Live Shows

Rooting for just one hopeful in ‘The Voice Teens’ isn’t easy. After weeks of following their journey on the show, we’re convinced that each got equal chances to be this year’s champ. But since the Grand Finals is just around the corner, it’s about time we consider limiting our options. If these teens’ killer vocals ain’t enough to help you decide, get to know them better to see if they’re 100% worthy of stardom. Let’s start off with Clean & Clear’s /#AlwaysReady ladies who survived the Live Shows: Whose personality will match your taste? Who’s got the superstar confidence you’ve been looking for? Watch these videos to find out!

#AlwaysReady to Rock the Stage, Isabela Vinzon

Trust us, there’s more to this rock chic than meets the eye. Will the Spunky Singing Beauty from Pampanga, Isabela Vinzon, fit in as ‘The Voice Teens’ grand winner?



#AlwaysReady to Challenge Herself, Jona Soquite

Coach Sarah asked Jona to showcase her versatility—and her winning performance in the previous Live Shows proved how she could go beyond her mentor’s expectations.


#AlwaysReady to Stir Emotions, Nisha Bedaña

Nisha’s emotional performances never fail to impress the judges. Her secret? Nothing but her dedication to music and her strong will to make her family proud.


#AlwaysReady to Fight for Her Dreams, Christy Lagapa

Christy has always been torn between pursuing a career in music and following her family’s passion for medicine. But after witnessing her singing prowess in ‘The Voice Teens’, we’re seriously hoping for her to consider the first.


#AlwaysReady to Wow the Crowd, Mica Becerro

Mica slays high-pitched songs like no other—that we know for sure. But will that be enough to keep us hooked on her ‘til the Grand Finals?


Take your pick from these #AlwaysReady teen artists and support them until the end! With their superb vocals and newfound confidence—made possible with Clean & Clear’s trusty skincare products—there’s no stopping these girls from conquering ‘The Voice Teens’ stage! So stay tuned and catch the latest episode of ‘The Voice Teens’ every Saturday, 7:15 PM and Sunday, 7 PM. For more updates, visit thevoice.abs-cbn.com, like www.facebook.com/TheVoiceTeensABSCBN, or follow @thevoiceabscbn on Twitter and @thevoiceteensabscbn on Instagram.