Get 'Shookt' by these real life horror stories

Horror stories that involve mostly paranormal experiences sometimes no longer scare us as they have become predictable. But when they involve real people and their own crimes are too gory, that’s when you start wishing  you never have to encounter them yourself. Take these stories as told on “Shookt,” for example. The new digital series on ABSCBNMOBILE.COM are creepier than usual because they seem a little closer to home.

1. The “baby killer.”

Susan, a typical wife and mother, does everything she can to help her family and kids get by—like illegally terminating unwanted pregnancies. When she finds out that a client Lila, whom she forced into having an abortion, has killed herself, things start to work against Susan’s favor. She soon loses her family and is in danger of miscarrying. Find out if karma has its way with her.


2. The gravedigger

Dio is a gravedigger who raids cemeteries to collect valuables. He soon gets more than he bargained for after double-crossing his friends, cutting of a corpse’s finger to steal a ring. He wears the ring, and soon starts getting haunted by the person in the coffin, and finds himself doing things he can’t control—even attacking his family.



3. The Boarder

A woman named Nanette moves into a boarding house with other girls, a landlady, and the landlady’s nephew David. Things aren’t what they seem at the house, and she soon finds out that the landlady regularly assaults David. She finds out that David has some psychotic episodes and that she’s in more danger than she realizes. Is she going to end up as another victim?

4. The deadly secret

Margie returns home from New York after 20 years when she finds out her father is sick. But her real mission is to find out the truth about a scandal that shook their town—when her best friend Christy suddenly killed herself after supposedly seducing Margie’s father. Will she ever find out what really happened?


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