Throwback Melai Cantiveros’ funny ‘hirits’ on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’

Melai Cantiveros never fails to amuse whenever she transforms into another artist on Your Face Sounds Familiar. Not only does she morph into another celebrity, she livens up the crowd with her sense of humor. It’s no wonder she always trends online.

We’ve compiled Melai’s funny antics on Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Week 1: Nora Aunor, “Pearly Shells”

Melai did an entertaining job as Superstar Nora Aunor, singing “Pearly Shells.”

After her performance, Melai even used Nora’s famous line, “Walang himala” while thanking everyone for having her over.

Jury member Sharon Cuneta, who already could not stop laughing, asked her how she felt about her pointed nose to which Melai replied, “Sobrang happy ako dahil… pero mahirap kasi yung kuwan mo sa loob, hindi mo makukuha. Yun naman ang nararamdaman ko talaga… Pero mahirap talaga, Ms. Shawie pero masarap na makita ko ang sarili ko na magka-long nose.” This made everyone burst into laughter.

Week 2: Britney Spears, “Baby One More Time”

This time, Melai pretended to be the international pop star, Britney Spears and sang, “Baby One More Time.”

After her fun-filled performance, host Billy Crawford asked Melai to use the word, “fluid” in a sentence. Melai answered, “Fluid is something to liquefy your performance, put a liquid in your performance.” Next, Melai joked using the word, “humility” in a sentence, “I feel so humility.”

Week 3: Blakdyak, “Modernong Charing”

Melai also imitated the male artist Blakdyak and performed his novelty song, “Modernong Charing.”

In this episode, Melai said that she still had not yet moved on from her previous roles as Britney Spears and Nora Aunor that she felt an urge to combine all the personas together.

Melai also called Tutti Caringal, who impersonated April Boy Regino, “Scooby Doo” which made everyone laugh. Billy even commented, “Dapat ikaw na lang ang naghost dito.”

Week 4: Mad Killah of Salbakuta, “S2pid Love”

Melai, who impersonated Salbakuta’s Mad Killah, showed off her rapping skills as she teamed up with Tutti Caringal who was Salbakuta’s Bendeatha. Together, they performed, “S2pid Love.”

After their performance, the real Salbakuta members came out and surprised birthday girl Melai by calling her husband, Jason Francisco onstage. Carrying her birthday cake, Jason told her that he loves her and that he is always proud of her. The two shared a kiss.

Host Billy then said that she deserves all the blessings as she makes people happy. Melai then thanked God and said that people are just touched by her that’s why they laugh.

Week 5: Jolina Magdangal, “Chuva Choo Choo”

Melai also impersonated one of her YFSF competitors, Jolina Madangal. She sang her song, “Chuva Choo Choo.”

Jury member Jed Madela praised her for looking like Jolina but Melai said, “It’s a miracle. Kasi nung tumingin ako sa salamin parang hindi Jolina eh. Parang chaka doll.” This made jury member Sharon Cuneta laugh the whole time, saying that she can’t move on from the “Chaka doll.”

Sharon then praised her for being versatile with the impersonations, “What’s surprising is lahat nakakaya mo, ke babae, ke lalaki. Ang tigas ng ngipin, nawala.” Melai, who showed off her set of dentures, said, “Pero nailang talaga ako kung magsalita kasi nasanay yung bibig ko na through out ang hangin dahil sa space.” When asked to explain what she meant by “through out” air, she answered, “Di ba yung ngipin ko, over over ang space? Pag magsalita ako, ‘mommy,’ pasok labas lang ang hangin. Pero ito, parang naghihintay pa ng mga one minute bago makalabas.”

Week 6: Cyndi Lauper, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

After performing Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Jed, who joked that he will bring an oxygen tank next time, asked Melai, “Melai, ano bang pinaggagagawa mo sa amin?” Melai then replied, “Hindi ko nga rin alam kung anong pinaggagawa ko. Basta ang alam ko lang suweldo na bukas,” which got the crowd laughing again.

Week 7: Rihanna, “Umbrella”

Melai surprised everyone when she came out as Rihanna and sang, “Umbrella.”

Melai, who was praised by the judges, said, “Alam mo sa katagalan ko na na artista, nakalimutan ko na ang different kind of English. Yung mga English, mga literature, nakalimutan ko na.”

Week 8: Kamikazee’s Jay Contreras, “Narda”

As Melai impersonated Jay of Kamikazee, Jed already brought with him an oxygen mask in case that they would laugh nonstop again.

Week 9: Elizabeth Ramsey, “Waray Waray”

Melai won as she earned a total of 42 points and a standing ovation from the crowd. Elizabeth Ramsey, who was in the audience, looked pleased.

When jury member Gary Valenciano asked if she had a lot of prosthetics on, Melai replied, “Sabi nung aking make-up artist, wag na daw lagyan ke kapareho lang daw pero nainsulto man ako, nilagyan na lang.”

The jury members thought that Melai’s performance was spotless.

Don’t miss Melai’s next performance on Your Face Sounds Familiar, every Saturday after Maalaala Mo Kaya and every Sunday after Rated K on ABS-CBN.