Fearless Forecast: Who’ll Make it Big in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7?

Nikko Natividad and Mccoy De Leon

Fearless Forecast Who ll Make it Big in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7  1

Tagged as the Hashtag Boy Sipag ng Bulacan and Boy Tatag ng Tondo, the “2-in-1” housemates Nikko and McCoy are two of the most relatable in this edition. Though both stand strong separately on their own, this tandem truly complements each other.

Both coming from humble beginnings, people love seeing underdogs finally finding their place. While these two have separate issues to overcome inside the house, with McCoy dealing with a possible budding romance and Nikko coming into terms with admitting that he has a family and a child, their journey towards maturity is one that we’re looking for in winners.

Yassi Pressman

Fearless Forecast Who ll Make it Big in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7  2

Ang Dance Floor Dream Girl ng Antipolo has been dancing her way to the top. In less than a month, Yassi has proved that she’s a top contender in the game. Even upon entering the Big Brother House in Vietnam, she easily made a good first impression with the Vietnamese housemates. She’s level-headed, spirited, and well-driven, and she knows when to take things seriously, but she also knows when to enjoy her time with the housemates.

Aside from enlightening the housemates (as well as us viewers) with her dancing skills, she also manages to build a connection with everyone without trying too hard. Though it’s sometimes hard to believe whether Yassi’s actions are genuine or not (because it just seems to be too good to be true), she continues to show that she’s not just putting up a front; it is just who she really is. And we see that through every challenge PBB brings her. Looking past that natural beauty of hers, it’s about time that we put the spotlight on this rare soul.

With Pinoy Big Brother shifting gears to a new phase in its Lucky Season 7 with an upcoming teen edition, we were delighted, engrossed, disappointed, frustrated, and enriched with how our celebrity housemates revealed their true selves in a faraway land. But these choice housemates have not only laid themselves bare, but more importantly also went beyond their true selves and become better persons to inspire those who keep close watch at their every move.

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