Sun Life Partners with the The Voice Teens to Help Make the Artists’ Dreams Come True

The Voice Teens has returned, and in a big way: for the first time in Asia, the reality singing competition welcomed aspiring teen artists aged 13 to 17 years old to its stage! The anticipation for the show is at an all-time high. The pilot episode debuted with a national TV rating of 37.9% according to Kantar Media, topping the weekend program lineup. This domination was sustained in succeeding episodes, and it is expected to continue as the competition heats up. Moreover, the official hashtag #TheVoiceTeens is consistently a top trending topic in the country and even worldwide.

But more than the singing prowess of the teens, the program also highlights the journeys of these hopefuls. Each of the artists has dreams and goals that go beyond singing. The Voice Teens will be releasing Pangarap Diaries, five videos wherein some of the show’s artists will share their innermost hopes, desires, and ambitions.

While their goals differ, they all aspire for a better and brighter future. This is why The Voice Teens inked a partnership with Sun Life Financial Philippines, the first and number one life insurance company in the country. Through its simple and distinct investment fund solution named MyFuture Fund, Sun Life will help the most talented teen achieve his dreams, whether it’s saving for education, to build a home, or to start a business.

MyFuture Fund is one of the fund options available to Sun Life and Sun Life Grepa Financial’s Peso Variable Life Insurance Products. Expertly managed by professional fund managers, it comes in different maturity dates that one can choose from, depending on his goal: 2025, 2030, 2035, or 2040. MyFuture Fund is a target date fund that promotes capital appreciation at the onset, maximizing earning potential in the earlier years through allocation in equities, and then transitions to wealth preservation by shifting the fund’s portfolio towards more fixed income assets. This ensures the fund’s exposure to risk is minimized as the maturity date nears so that whatever gains the fund made in the earlier years are better preserved. It’s ideal for Filipinos who are preparing for a brighter future for themselves and for their loved ones. This is especially valuable for parents whose priority is to fund for their children’s education and secure their future. For more information on the MyFuture Fund, click here.

Stay tuned to The Voice Teens and see who can achieve their dream of being crowned as very first The Voice Teens! Also watch out for the Pangarap Diaries videos to get to know more about the teen hopefuls, as they share their touching stories and aspirations in life.

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