The Mannequin Challenge on It’s Showtime

After the Ice Bucket Challenge and Running Man Challenge, another challenge has hit the internet: the Mannequin Challenge. It is the latest online video trend where in people remain frozen like mannequins while a video is being recorded. The hosts of It’s Showtime also joined the fun and did the challenge on the noontime show for the madlang people. Today, let us watch again some of their most entertaining Mannequin Challenge videos.

Vice Ganda inspected and made sure that everyone in the studio participated in the Mannequin challenge.

On the next day, the Unkabogable Star also went backstage and even to some dressing rooms to check if the people behind-the-scenes also played a part.

During the next Mannequin Challenge, Vice also went to the rooms of the production team to see if they also accepted the challenge.

While doing the challenge, the Phenomenal Box-office Star interviewed some of the Hashtags members and asked them some intriguing questions.

From the It’s Showtime studio, Vhong Navarro and Vice crossed over to the Minute To Win It studio and saw everyone frozen, including the celebrity players and host Luis Manzano.

The two also challenged Direk Bobet Vidanes and the production crew when they went inside the control room.

Vice and Vhong definitely took the challenge to a higher level when they went out the studio and walked along the hallways of the ABS-CBN Studios to make sure that everyone in the compound participated in the challenge.


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Happy Friday Kapamilya!