PBB Otso: Ultim8 Big Winner wins 2 Million Pesos from Miniso

Just like any great home with the right amount of essentials for everyday use of the family that lives in it, the Pinoy Big Brother house also accommodates to the needs of its housemates. Having over 10,000 types of products, Miniso - a fast fashion designer brand from Japan, is the official lifestyle store of PBB Otso.

As the housemates start their day, getting their daily supplies in the famous storage room, a Miniso rack is always there to provide for their day-to-day needs. Ranging from creative home necessities, fashion accessories, health and beauty products, digital accessories, office supplies, stationery gifts, seasonal products, among many others.


PBB Otso Ultim8 Big Winner wins 2 Million Pesos from Miniso 1

Miniso has been a great help to each housemate’s journey. From Batch 1, when housemates chose items for them to give to their loved ones as gifts while they were apart from them. Miniso also made way for Andre to give Lou a stuffed bear they called Bobba on their first-ever date, finally expressing his admiration to her. Even with the Batch 4, Miniso was there as the housemates gave gifts to their dads as they reunite on Father’s day, using products as their token of love for them. Miniso has always been beside each and every story of love and charity.

Miniso had always been part of the glorious moments inside the house. In tasks such as the Golden Circle Challenges of Batch 3, sewing and crafting materials for the Batch 2 Trashion Show, the Tower task and Hamunan series for Batch 4, and the design materials for the Batch 1 t-shirt selling during Christmas season. Miniso has provided a wide array of possibilities in every task and challenge.

In the culmination of the whole season, as the nation celebrates the Big Night – the mark of the end of another story, Miniso rewards 2 Million pesos cash to the Big Winner.

After a series of struggles, sacrifices, victories and winning the taong bayan’s vote, Yamyam Gucong, is now Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s Big Winner, the most triumphant amongst all the housemates from all the batches.


PBB Otso Ultim8 Big Winner wins 2 Million Pesos from Miniso 2

Following 14 successful years of Pinoy Big Brother, another life will change forever and all of this is because he strived hard for his goal, he stayed determined through every hardship, and he showed his truest self, proving once again that dreams really do come true and that no star is too far away from one’s reach.

Just like Yamyam Gucong, who now celebrates a happy, fashionable and sound lifestyle thanks to Miniso!

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