Chokoleit’s funniest, memorable appearances on Kapamilya shows
Chokoleit s funniest memorable appearances on Kapamilya shows 1

With the passing away of comedian Chokoleit on Saturday, March 9, fellow stars, colleagues and fans were left in utter shock.

His incredible comical style really made people roll in the aisles with laughter, yet most importantly he is well remembered as a wonderful person and a true friend.

Chokoleit’s close friend, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, said it best in her appearance on Magandang Buhay: "Si Chokie kasi napakatunay na tao. Napakabait, napakaganda ng puso. His heart is so beautiful. Matalino siya, masarap kausap. Higit sa lahat, talagang kaibigan.”


But best of all, his legacy is the smiles and guffaws he brings either in a comedy bar, on a TV studio, a movie set, or a concert venue.

And in these Kapamilya programs, Chokoleit gave his utterly funniest performances that are truly unforgettable.

It’s Showtime

Chokoleit not only made hordes of people laugh with his antics, but also made the Madlang People stand up in a frenzy. As Chokoleit Gil, he gave one of the funniest performances that left Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario laughing so hard when he was a supposed Miss Q&A contestant in its Fantastictakan special to promote his last movie, the top grossing MMFF 2018 film “Fantastica.”

Magandang Buhay


More than being a fellow comedian on stage or on screen, Chokoleit is a loving friend. And proof of this is his remarkable friendship with Pokwang that has truly stood the test of time. And best of all, he was an unfading figure in all of Pokwang’s life changing moments, especially when Chokoleit stood as a godfather to her child with Lee O’Brien, Malia.

Tonight With Boy Abunda


Chokoleit’s most hilarious moments is when he spend it with fellow stand-up comics, specifically on these episodes of Tonight With Boy Abunda, with MC and Lassy. Here they left the King of Talk Boy Abunda scream in laughter with their punchlines and witty banters.

Gandang Gabi Vice


And who could forget Chokoleit’s maddening appearances on Gandang Gabi Vice, especially when he shares the screen with his dear friend and the Unkabogable Star, together with fellow comics, such as Negi, Wacky Kiray, and Pooh.

It’s quite saddening that a person who brought so much joy in our hearts has passed on. Yet with these sidesplitting appearances forever ingrained in our hearts and minds, Chokoleit, a superb comedian and a wonderful person, will live forever.