Want to see your favorite OPM artists for free? This music festival might just be the perfect one for you!
Want to see your favorite OPM artists for free This music festival might just be the perfect one for you  1
Fête de la Musique returns for their biggest show yet in celebration of their 25 years in the Philippines.

As Fête de la Musique turns 25 this year, the much-awaited annual music festival also sets the bar even higher as it officially returns bigger than ever for its Pinoy music and art lovers.

When Fête de la Musique started out more than two decades ago, there was only a single stage. Then it started having a limited number of pocket stages for artists - especially the up-and-coming ones - to showcase their talents?

But who would’ve thought that 25 years later it would become one of the biggest music festivals in the country? 

Thanks to the strong clamor from fans, Fête has eventually grown into a massive event which provided a platform for artists of various genres from both the indie and mainstream scenes to introduce their music to a wide array of audience. 

Bringing together crowds of various musical tastes across different locations in the quaint district of Poblacion, Fête de la Musique proves each year why Filipinos continue to embrace the annual French event. 

Debb Acebu, the vocalist of local pop-rock band Ang Bandang Shirley who will perform at one of the show’s main stages, shares what she thinks sets FDLM apart from the rest of the music festivals held annually in the country.  

“It is a music fest that is anticipated by many music goers because it’s free, but at the same time it is a quality music festival that showcases various music genres that people can discover all in one day,” Acebu said. 

Meanwhile, Itchyworms, another band who will perform at the A-Venue stage of Fete De La Musique 2019, shared what excites them to perform at the highly-anticipated event. 

“Fête De La Musique is different from other music fests because of its scale. This year will be MASSIVE! There will be a lot of different genres and awesome locations like Pampanga, Palawan, Batangas, and more,” Itchyworms told ABS-CBN Entertainment. 

Asked what the OPM band expects from the show, they said: “We expect a great turnout. We expect to see a whole lot of music fans. We also expect to see a lot of expats in the crowd.”

Apart from the two main stages, Fete goers also get to enjoy 10 Globe Pocket Stages while having the opportunity to win a soulful getaway to the island of Siargao for 3. That’s right. All you have to do is share your music discoveries per stage as a thread on Twitter or multi-photo or carousel post on Instagram, and tag @enjoyglobe. Don’t forget to include the hashtags #GlobeFete and #FetePH25 in your posts. 

Below are the different Globe Pocket Stages venues with their corresponding lineup of artists that you can enjoy today, June 21, until tomorrow, June 22:

Boom Bap Stage (Boogie Manila) - Supermikki | Bassrelief | Pope Fiction | Alexandra | NixDamnP |
JayRu | XIII | Skratchmark | Butta B | Chase (Live Art)

Mt. Zion Stage (Pura Vida) - Tino Valentino | Trigga | Jahcoustic | Collie Herb | Rabbit Hole |
Michael Berth | The Oemons | Ada Dub | Reiz | MC Lil Jay

Dream Pop/ Shoegaze Stage (59C) - Identikit | KRNA | Lilybeth Ostman | Megumi Acorda | Memory
Drawers | Monochrome | Narcloudia | Polar Lows | popular days | PИZR | The Rave Tapes | Stellar
Spectre | The Strange Creatures | Taken by Cars | Tradecraft | Washington Drama Club

R&B Stage (Z Hostel) - Laraza | Miss Ramonne | Ryssi | Ralph Padiernos | Moses | Cherry Malaya |
Jazze Manuel


OC Records Stage (The Ruins) - Aly Remulla | Arthur Nery | Bita & The Botflies | Calein | CALLALILY |
Daryl Reynes | Drive of Day Dreams | Earl Generao | Frizzle Anne | Jay Kent | JOHNOY DANAO |
KEAN CIPRIANO | Martin Riggs | Miles Experience | Rice Lucido | Rockalyt | UNIQUE | Zsaris

Electronica Stage (XX XX/ 20:20) - 20:20: Bedspacer | VVVV | Big Hat Gang | Like Animals |
youngsleepyboi | Joee &I | Squid 9 | Tarsius | Pedicab

Blues Souls and Funk Stage (H&J) - Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas | Kat Agarrado | Cooky Chua | Banna
Harbera | Conscious & the Goodness | Bleu Rascals | Kosmikskala | Ian Lofamia Blues Band |
Malana | Holmes | Hidden Jem | Hit The Road Kat | The Espasouls | Manila Milkshake

Indie Electro Stage (Run Rabbit Run) - Dj Euric | Manilanimal | JAV/ | Local Sun | Vapors

Zodiac Stage (Gallery in the Gutter) - Apex Chuidian or Floating Sound Nation | Datu Arellano | Dana
Marquez | V432 Wellness

Rooftronic Stage (Kartel/ Dr. Wine) - A DJ Called Er | Renée Rosete | Mike Reefer | Chris Reuber

To kick off their Fete celebration, Globe users are in for another treat as they can get access to exclusive afternoon sessions - such as “How to Open a Café” at Commune Café + Bar, “Beer and Chow Pairing” at 2020, “Cocktails 101” by RRR Mixologists and Chivas Regal at Run Rabbit Run, “Wellness Afternoon” at Gallery in the Gutter, and “Wine Pairing & 5 Course Degustation” at Dr. Wine - for only 25 Globe Rewards points. 

With a promise to give fans something we’ve never seen before, this year’s Fête is indeed going to be the biggest. And honestly, we couldn’t be any more excited for everyone to see the shows … for FREE!