10 teleserye families who inspired viewers

Over the past six decades, ABS-CBN has not simply entertained us, but touched our hearts as well through its well-loved and notable television dramas that indeed enthralled us with their impressively written scripts and truly inspiring and relatable characters.

And this Holy Week, be inspired by the 10 teleseryes who reminded us of the true meaning of “family” by showcasing their admirable unity, resiliency, and unconditional love that bound them not just in the happy moments, but helped them get through every challenge in their lives. 

Mabunga Family, Pamilya Ko

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 1

The fact that it tells the story of a huge family comprised of 10 members makes it already relatable for many since Filipino families are usually big. But what made it more relevant is with how it completely depicts what every ordinary family do and go through in real life.

Composed of parents Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) and Fernan (Joey Marquez) and their eight children Chico (JM de Guzman), Beri (Kiko Estrada), Apol (Kid Yambao), Persi (Jairus Aquino), Peachy (Maris Racal), Lemon (Kira Balinger), Cherry (Mutya Orquia), and Pongky (Raikko Mateo), we’ve seen the Mabunga family go through a lot of predicaments. This includes Fernan’s illicit affair, Luz’s involvement in her sister’s crime, Lemon’s accident and depression, Peachy’s scandal, and a lot more – which severely tested their family’s tight bond. They may have to face a slew of challenges over and over again, but the Mabungas can surely conquer those because their ties are definitely stronger than those.

Dalisay Family, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 2

Despite not being completely consanguineous, this wonderful extended family has consistently showed their love and support for one another no matter what, especially to the titular character Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin).
Lola Flora (Susan Roces) has always been supportive of his grandson all the way as she constantly believed and remained strong for him in spite of all the heartaches and anxieties that he has caused her.

Meanwhile, his wife Alyana (Yassi Pressman) has showed nothing but her unselfish love to him. Having a husband who frequently chooses to attend on his sworn duty than having a quality time with their family might be difficult, but her understanding, patience, and faith in him help her bear the weight. Their marriage might have almost ended because of their complicated setup, especially when he got involved in a rebel group, but she still opted to stick with him and restore her faith in him.

The Dalisay family has already gone through a lot of troubles and tragedies and have put their lives on the line for so many times because of remaining righteous amidst their detractors and relentlessly supporting Cardo in his perilous missions. And, in the face of this, they still choose to power through those because they greatly believe in the power of their strong bond and strong faith to God, and that evil can never defeat the good.

Dimagiba Family, Make It With You

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 3

Staying true to what their surname means – which is “indestructible” – this family has indeed brandished how their unwavering love for one another helped them overcome all the challenges that came their way. The Dimagibas have an extended family as female protagonist Billy (Liza Soberano) and her Tatay Tony (Herbert Bautista) lives with her father’s  family in the peaceful town of Nueva Valencia.

Hand-in-hand, they were able to revive their bakery and bring it back to its old glory, until their competitor, the Villaricas, persuaded them to supply them mangoes instead for their flagship product, and to hire Billy in their company. Her family’s love and support also helped her move on from the heartbreak inflicted by her short-lived affair with Gabo (Enrique Gil) while they were still in Croatia and be driven again when it comes to pursuing her passion. 

Reyes Family, Sandugo

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 4

Poverty and the matriarch’s appalling decision might have caused the unfortunate falling apart of their family for a very long time, but the Reyeses were able to rekindle the bond they used to have as they confronted their toughest enemy – the Balthazars. While forgiving his family, who opted to give him away in exchange of a hefty amount for his twin brother’s medication, was seemingly impossible for Aris/Leo (Aljur Abrenica) to accept, he later on found it in himself to not just forgive and reconcile with them. He also joined them in accomplishing their mission against Ulysses (Gardo Versoza) and his allies.

As JC (Ejay Falcon) and Leo forged allegiance, they were able to attain justice for the death of their father and live happily and peacefully with their mom and loved ones.

Lim & Dela Rosa Family, Be Careful With My Heart

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 5

The series that popularized the battlecry “Kapit-bisig!”, we were all definitely inspired with how female lead Maya Dela Rosa’s (Jodi Sta. Maria) family consistently live up to their family motto as they make sure to get each other’s back in every problem that they had to face. They may not have a lush life, but they’re able to get through everything, such as when Kute (Aiza Seguerra) got into an accident, by working together and being perseverant and optimistic.

As Maya decided to work for the Lims as the nanny of Richard’s (Richard Yap) youngest daughter, she was able to radiate the zest, optimism, and untameable fighting spirit she possessed to the family who had lost vigor after the death of their matriarch. Maya and Richard’s road to forever might be rough, but they’re able to get past it hand-in-hand and have a happy life with his kids and their twins.

Crisostomo Family, Be My Lady

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 6

Those families who hail from the province could probably relate to the story of the Crisostomo family, whose financial struggles compelled its matriarch Marcela (Janice de Belen) to search for greater opportunities abroad. While she’s in Singapore, her family learned to cope from her absence by performing their respective tasks and helping one another, with Pinang (Erich Gonzales), being the only daughter, dutifully assuming her place.

Unfortunately, their hopes for a better life and of reclaiming the farm they pawned suddenly faded when Marcela got deported after being accused of shoplifting. As this marked another difficult hardship in their life, each member of the Crisostomo family did their own share of work in order to help in their finances and later on achieving their dreams. 

Alipio Family, Hanggang Saan

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 7

Whether a single parent or not, many were arguably able to identify with Sonya Alipio (Sylvia Sanchez), a low-income single mom who worked hard for her two sons. Despite not having much in life and the financial educational plan she had for them got compromised, she was still able to send her children to school, with her firstborn already a practising lawyer.

But their peaceful life got disturbed by the dark past that had haunted Sonya for years – her presumed involvement in the murder of Edward Lamoste (Eric Quizon), the president of the financial institution to which she invested for the educational plan of her kids. Her heavy conscience drove her to turn herself in to the authorities and admit the crime. Fortunately, her son Atty. Paco Alipio (Arjo Atayde) and his legal team were able to prove her innocence and bail her out of prison. Their scrupulous investigation led them to the real culprit, exacting true justice to Edward’s death.

Five years after the grueling incident, the Alipios were able to move on and heal from the trauma. Paco became a Senior Partner of the Vega Alipio & Associates Law Firm while Domeng (Yves Flores) was already a successful architect who designed and constructed their new home.

Alegre Family, The Greatest Love

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 8

Not only families with members stricken with Alzheimer’s disease were able to be touched by the story of the Alegres, but everyone of us who loves our parents unconditionally.

Being forced to marry her rapist, Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) tried her best to live harmoniously with Andres (Rommel Padilla) to whom he had four kids with. Although it’s expected for him to earn enough since he’s working overseas, his failure to remit regularly compelled her to collect, buy, and sell junk in order to compensate with their daily needs.

After Andres’ death, their parents’ long-kept secret was revealed, which made her children leave her one-by-one. Gloria then began to show symptoms of dementia and lose pieces of her memory, and was later on diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite her condition, she still made an effort to regain the affection of her family, to which her kids positively responded with the help of her former flame Peter (Nonie Bunecamino) who returned to her life in the latter part of the story. Thus, prior to her death due to stroke, they were able to provide Gloria with happy memories and overwhelming love. The siblings were also able to keep their strong bond even beyond their mother’s death. 

Tampipi Family, Got To Believe

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 9

Even though life in their family-owned amusement fair wasn’t as majestic as how it seemed every time it operates, but the Tampipi family was still able to live a simple yet happy life together with the members of their group.

As their business got bankrupt because of the various challenges they had to face through the years, the Tampipis had remained strongly and delightfully bonded as they tried to conquer those. Betchay (Manilyn Reynes) and Chito (Benjie Paras), who are fondly called Mama Bear and Papa Bear did everything to raise their unica hija Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) normally and provide all her needs. But as they remained drowning in debt and the carnival failing to generate sufficient income, Chichay stepped up by accepting a “babysitting” job that his parents initially objected. They eventually gave in to her persistence since they know how much she wanted to help them in their finances and earn for her college education.

Angeles Family, Ningning

10 teleserye families who inspired viewers with their unity resiliency and unconditional love 10

Working as a fisherman in the secluded island of Isla Baybay, Dondon (Ketchup Eusebio) barely earned enough to make ends meet. But that never disheartened him as his family always made him feel their constant love and support.

Unfortunately, a devastating typhoon ravished the island and destroyed the boat he was using, forcing them to leave for the city in pursuit of finding a better life. They might have faced a lot challenges in their new life, including the untimely death of his wife Lovely (Beauty Gonzalez) and her daughter Ningning (Jana Agoncillo) almost getting blind because of her eye ailment, but they were able to overcome those because of the optimism, perseverance, and unconditional love they exhibited.

Just like these families, may we not also lose hope every time we are being bombarded by challenges and never let those destroy our ties. Instead, we should consider those as lessons we can use in the future and let our families be our motivation to keep on fighting in life.