10 shocking character deaths in teleseryes in 2023

In life, as we all know, death is inevitable. And so is the same in teleseryes, which are mirrors of reality. And in 2023, we witnessed the demise of various characters from the Kapamilya dramas that were either already finished or are still ongoing.

Regardless if the deceased character is a protagonist or a villain, or they died naturally, intentionally, or accidentally, their departures were surely met with shock, sadness, or mystery. Thus, here are the 10 impactful character death scenes that we saw in 2023.

Brian Robles, Mars Ravelo’s Darna

As he tried to save superheroine Darna (Jane de Leon), who was also his love interest, from the venomous bite of her strictest rival Valentina (Janella Salvador), Brian (Joshua Garcia) valiantly chose to sacrifice himself. It just showed how dedicated he really was in his sworn duty as a policeman to serve and protect the people.

Olivia Salvacion, Dirty Linen

Right on the first day of this controversial series, we were immediately welcomed by the tragic death of Olivia (Dolly de Leon), who was shot on her left shoulder while fearfully hiding inside a closet and talking to her daughter Alexa. Instead of being rushed to the hospital along with her newborn baby, the Fieros agreed to let her die in order to hide the crime. It can be recalled that it was not only her who died that fateful night, but her fellow houseworkers Lydia (Ruby Ruiz), Riza (Liza Diño), and Noel (Karl Medina).

Greg Montenegro, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo

After failing to kill Tanggol (Coco Martin) on their first encounter, Greg (RK Bagatsing) was also unsuccessful in his mission of intentionally finishing him and his friends when they attacked their territory in Quiapo. Despite his plea not to execute him, it absolutely didn’t sit well with Tanggol that Greg threatened the life of his family.

Ador Pavia, Dirty Linen

Just when he thought that he had already gotten away from death after being able to escape from the warehouse where Team Resbak took him hostage and from Rolando (Joel Torre) who tried to stop him, Ador (Epy Quizon), got killed after being ran over by a delivery truck as he ran for his life.

Priam Dela Torre, The Iron Heart

We were totally appalled with how Priam (Albert Martinez) shot himself in the chest in front of his estranged son Apollo (Richard Gutierrez), who was then convincing him to leave the syndicate and live a brand-new life with him. Aside from being not willing to do so, Priam was apparently hurt that Apollo chose to betray him even though he’s his father.

Eros del Rio, The Iron Heart

Another horrifying death that we’d witnessed in this series was of Eros (Jake Cuenca), which happened while he and Apollo were having a lighthearted conversation while walking along one of the busy streets of Japan just right after their final skirmish. He was fatally shot in the forehead by an unknown gunman.

Amanda Barrameda, Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

With how truly unexpected her arrival was, the same happened with Amanda’s departure. Just when things between her and her long-lost granddaughters were already okay and she got the forgiveness she’d been asking for from Diana (Charlie Dizon), Amanda faced her tragic fate.

Kano Abiog, Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

As Kano (Markus Paterson) attempted to stab Amy (Loisa Andalio) in pursuit of saving Osang (Sunshine) whom he took hostage, Jonaf (Ronnie Alonte) was left with no choice but to fatally shoot him in the chest, which led to his harrowing demise.

Edward Liao, Can’t Buy Me Love

While we were quite mad at him for cheating on Bettina (Kaila Estrada) and putting Caroline (Belle Mariano) in the bad light, we still found ourselves disturbed by the unforeseen death of Edward (Enzo Pineda). It was initially assumed that he died after falling off a higher place going to the ground, but the autopsy result reveals other reasons.

Luna Cruz, Senior High

Last, but definitely not the least, was the terrible fate of Luna (Andrea Brillantes), whose death continues to be a mystery and unfolds the deepest and darkest secrets of the people around her, as well as those in Northford High. Until now, it’s still unknown whether her death was self-inflicted, an accident, or caused by foul play.

Which of these character deaths in teleseryes horrified you the most, Kapamilya?