10 memorable teleserye father and child tandems that taught us love, forgiveness, and sacrifice

A father’s love breeds joy, comfort, strength, and sacrifices. As we salute the greatest men in our lives this Father’s Day, let’s take a look back on ten of the most memorable father and child tandems in teleseryes that captured the real essence of a paternal love.


Teddy and Alyana

A father has a strong, undeniable impact on his child’s dreams and life, so much Teddy (Joel Torre) passed on his journalistic passion to his daughter Alyana (Yassi Pressman). Together, in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, they were the tandem that bespoke truth and power through words as investigative journalists.

When Alyana married Cardo (Coco Martin), Teddy was generous with his blessing, support, wisdom and guidance. He believed in his daughter’s ability to choose for herself and he was happy for her happiness – secure that she will always remain Papa’s girl even if she’s found her prince. Life might be cruel but we are pretty sure Teddy and Alyana are now reunited in a happier place.


Marcial and Rhian

Badass with unbreakable patriotism – that’s Marcial (Albert Martinez) and Rhian (Angel Locsin)’s tandem from the crime-drama series The General’s Daughter. They might have not known each other for all of their lives due to vengeful schemes plotted by the villains but they didn’t waste time making better since their reunion.

The ex-troopers stood side by side on the battlefield. Together, they knocked enemies down, solved crimes, and managed to eradicate the biggest drug cartel in the country controlled by Marcial’s archnemesis, Tiago (Tirso Cruz III).


Greggy, Teresa and Buboy

We learned from the inspirational series Starla that nothing is more painful to a father than growing estranged from his child. While distant from his daughter Teresa (Judy Ann Santos), Greggy (Joel Torre) met the runaway orphan Buboy (Enzo Pelojero), who had a wishing star best friend, Starla (Jana Agoncillo). Albeit frigid at first, Greggy learned to love Buboy as his own and the latter also helped him heal from resentment. Together, they worked in helping the residents of Barrio Maulap grow their fields through a special fertilizer so they don’t have to sell their lands.

Meanwhile, patience, a whole lot of prayers and a bit of cosmic powers through Starla made Greggy and Teresa’s reconciliation happen. Together, Greggy and Teresa turned Barrio Maulap into a happy, progressive place where people are helping each other.


Caloy and Darling

Caloy (Soliman Cruz) and Darling (Angeline Quinto) would radiate simplicity, faith, and big-heartedness. They were the tandem that mirrored the Heavenly Father’s forgiving heart and unconditional love towards strangers. Caloy persevered even if he had to raise Darling solo since his wife’s passing.

Life didn’t offer them opulent comfort as Caloy only earned from his barbershop while Darling joins amateur singing contests for extra income. Despite all these, Caloy instilled the value of generosity to Darling – to give even if they have less. As Darling continues to grieve over her father’s loss, in the recent episodes of Huwag Kang Mangamba, she alos tries to move forward carrying traces of her father’s integrity as his legacy.


Michael and Mikmik

While fathers are expected to impart wisdom and live as the epitome of sacrifices, Michael (RK Bagatsing) and Mikmik (Sophia Reola) proved that even dads can learn from their kids. After all, a child’s eyes are the windows to life’s beauty.

In Nang Ngumiti ang Langit, Michael and Mikmik stood by each other’s side as they faced trials parallel to the feud between Michael and Mikmik’s mother, Ella (Kaye Abad)’s families – the Villalunas and Salvadors – and the wicked schemes of Katrina (Cristine Reyes). Together, Michael and Mikmik spread positivity, light, and hope, and proved that pure love is life’s greatest miracle.


Fabio and Emma

Fabio (Miko Raval) and Emma (Janella Salvador) weren’t knitted by flesh and blood but there’s one thing that held them together – their love for the iconic Camila dela Torre (Maja Salvador) and the family they found in one another. Together, Fabio and Emma worked in protecting Camila and, in the best way they could, bring light back into her dark world.

Beyond Fabio’s dashing good looks, we appreciate how the former gangster turned a total ‘softie’ when he met Emma as a kid and his face lit up each time Emma would say, “I love you, Papa.” His daddy instinct was surprising and he gave all he could for her future. Fabio and Emma’s endearing relationship in The Killer Bride is a reminder that fatherhood runs deeper than blood.


Jose and Tisay

Father and daughter tandems always win because of their complementing qualities. It was rendered true by Jose (Keempee de Leon) and Tisay (Heaven Peralejo), who worked together in keeping their family intact and their dignity pure, albeit confronted by major hurt and hardships.

While Tisay had intelligence as her biggest strength, Jose used his heart as his greatest weapon that when combined helped them survive every piece of trial that came their way including the baby-switching revelation that tested their relationship in Bagong Umaga.


Chito and Chichay

They called each other Papa Bear and Baby Bear in Got to Believe. Adorable and childlike as they are, Chito (Benjie Paras) and Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) looked at life with optimism and a fighter’s attitude.

As a father, Chito taught Chichay to always look at herself in the mirror in times when people look down on her, so she’d be reminded of her worth. He taught her that life is a canvas and she holds the brush, thus her power to turn her life into a masterpiece. And together, they made us believe in magic – not only with their love for their perya but through their hopeful hearts and simple dreams.


Jude and Heart

“I heart you po,” says Heart (Heart Ramos) to her father Jude (Zanjoe Marudo), bringing a big smile on the latter’s face. For Jude, his daughter is his ‘heart’ that he would possibly stop breathing once he loses her. So when Heart went through an arduous, life-and-death medical ordeal, Jude did everything and remained strong to fight for his daughter, with wife Clara (Bela Padilla) by his side.

Towards the finale of My Dear Heart, Jude also survived other challenges spawned from a bitter past and together with Heart taught viewers the power of forgiveness and family’s love.


Emman and Robbie

With a plot hinged on a father’s search for his missing child, Walang Hanggang Paalam brought us back to the days when we looked at our fathers as our superheroes and saviors. For Emman (Paulo Avelino), the love for his son Robbie (Robbie Wachtel) was the fuel that ignited his will to live.

He sacrificed everything to be reunited with his son, even putting his life on the line because being a father is the only thing that completes his soul. Their story had a happy ending as Emman rescued Robbie and married his ex-partner, Robbie’s mom, Celine (Angelica Panganiban).

For this year’s Father’s Day celebration, let these paternal characters and their children remind us that fathers also deserve credit for their affection, influence, and sacrifices. Happy Father’s Day!