SPECIAL FEATURE: A “Family Feud” we all want to see
SPECIAL FEATURE A Family Feud we all want to see  1
What has made the long-running international hit game show  Family Feud one of the greatest and most memorable game shows of all time?

It’s simple—it’s all about family.

Family Feud, which premiered about 40 years ago on ABC in the US, first heralded the impressive strength of the family in competition in the TV show genre; how each member contributes to the cause, and eventually bringing the clan as a whole into its eventual fate, all in one united stand to win awesome cash prizes. 
It also highlights each individual’s vast knowledge about everyday things and spot-on responses to tricky situations, as father, mother, brother, sister answer what’s top of mind in enumerative, interesting queries such as naming what people save, what people do to cool down on a summer day, or even something you can’t tell your boss—questions that were previously posed to 100 respondents in surveys.  
And the family that gives the most popular answers based on what the “Survey says” wins.

Fantastic formula

This is clearly a fantastic formula that has continued to win the hearts of the Filipino TV audience through the years, from the Richard Dawson-hosted fun program during Wednesday late nights in the late 1970s to the Steve Harvey-emceed current version on cable. 

Now, with the latest Philippine incarnation of the well-loved family game show, ace TV host Luis Manzano will definitely give the controversial Steve Harvey a run for his money and a lesson on his hosting smarts as he becomes the latest game master of Family Feud on ABS-CBN on Saturday, April 9.
What’s even more captivating will be how the iconic game show accentuates the strength and fighting spirit of the Filipino family in a fun, competitive environment—all under the irrepressible wit and charm of its gregarious and fun-loving Pinoy host.

Pinoy bonding experience

Who wouldn’t be excited with how the “Face Off,” “Completing the Board” and “Fast Money” rounds in the original US version will turn out in the local adaptation, given the effort to make Family Feud a genuine

Pinoy family bonding experience? 

Expect the intensity to reach fever pitch, starting with the Face Off round where one representative from each family is asked to identify the most popular answers to survey questions already answered by 100 people.
The player who guesses the more popular answer or  the most popular answer, called the “Number One Answer,” gains control and enters the “Completing the Board” round with the rest of their family.

Taking turns

In the “Completing the Board” round, the rest of the family take turns in giving an answer without conferring with one another. However, if the family accumulates three strikes or three incorrect answers they lose control of the board and the other family has the chance to steal the points.

The family with the most points after both rounds proceeds to the “Fast Money” round.

The “Fast Money” round is the final round where two members of the family are given 25 seconds to answer five questions and their accumulated points determine the winnings of the family.

This fosters filial ties unseen in other game shows, wherein competitors focus on what’s best for their families and make them win—truly a passion everlasting in every Filipino’s heart.