Melai Cantiveros: From Housemate ni Kuya to Reality Show Queen
Melai Cantiveros From Housemate ni Kuya to Reality Show Queen 1 Melai Cantiveros-Francisco rose to fame after being the fifth female Big Winner of the reality show "Pinoy Big Brother" in 2009. In his audition video, we can already see the innate talent of the comedienne that will later be popular for her funny face and antics.

PBB Final Casting

Unbeknownst to many, behind the loud voice and boisterous laughter is an education major who dreamt of becoming an English professor. In a video that went viral last 2015, Melai was filmed during a class reporting wherein she taught her classmates on the proper pronunciation of English words as an exercise. Her knack for comedy was a big help in making the lesson entertaining.

Melai during English Class

She went on to become the PBB Big Winner after outlasting 25 other housemates and staying inside Bahay ni Kuya for 133 days. She won the competition by getting 32.08% of the entire votes.

PBB Announcement Big Winner

While in PBB, Melai developed feelings for a housemate named Jason Francisco and this continued until they got out of the house. Both starred in a reality show spin off titled "Melason in Love," a wordplay on their names and the eventual love team moniker of the real life partners. It featured behind the scenes footages after the PBB Big Night and their guestings in ABS-CBN shows. It was advertised as the first "Reality Serye" and featured how Melason dealt with their newfound popularity while still inside Kuya's house but without the PBB rules. It ran for 33 episodes.

Melason in Love
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