Top online stars get up close and personal with thousands of fans in ABS-CBN’s Adobers TakeOver Fanfair

Top online stars get up close and personal with thousands of fans in ABS CBN s Adobers TakeOver Fanfair 1

Their unique personalities and relatable content made them Internet stars, but the creators of ABS-CBN’s multi-channel network Adober Studios proved to be just as engaging as their online personas when they showcased their talents and kept thousands of their fans entertained at the recently held Adobers TakeOver Fanfair.

The event, held at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City, was the first of its kind and scale organized by ABS-CBN to bring together fans who follow the lives of their Internet heroes and who are aspiring content creators themselves.

During the concert, they screamed and cheered when Adober Studios’ top creators Lloyd Cadena and Cong TV, who both have more than 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, came out and cracked jokes.

Chino Liu, the person behind the viral Waze voice, cracked up the crowd when he impersonated Kris Aquino and interviewed Jomie Hospital and Ate Charon or Allan Soriano, who are both famous for their parody videos. Lady Gagita, who is famous for copying Lady Gaga, brought the house down when she performed the pop star’s Super Bowl performance from start to finish.

Pamela Swing, Claro The Third, Arah Virtucio, Luigi Pacheco, and Rozel Basilio also joined forces to play a fun lie detector, while AC Bonifacio, Riva Quenery, the Caleon Twins, and ThatsBella delighted the crowd with their song and dance numbers.

In between their performances, the ‘Adobers’ indulged fans in banter, thanked them for their support, and invited them to join the Adober Studios growing roster of creators.

Also performing skits and performances on-stage were Nomer Lasala, Akihiro Blanco, Neo Domingo, Jesi Corcuera, RB Navarro, Dyosa Pockoh, The Soshal Network, Camille Bartolo, Sky and Kid Show, Helen On Fleek, Madam Kilay, The Three of Us, Karl Zarate, and Rie Aliasas. Rei Germar, ChaelNotKale, and Prince De Guzman served as hosts.

The most dedicated fans also lined up to meet and chitchat with top ‘Adobers’ Lloyd, Cong, Emman, Riva, Pamela, Rei, AC, Jomie, Ate Charon, ThatsBella, Caleon Twins, LuiZel, and Rie.

The TakeOver Fanfair comes on the heels of Adober Studios’ successful meet-and-greets in Cebu and Zambales, and the launch of the book “Unspoken Rules,” which is based on the original online series of the same title that stars different ‘Adobers’ and imparts guidelines on handling life and romantic situations.

Adober Studios now has 550 content creators and is one the digital initiatives of the ABS-CBN, which is rapidly transitioning into an agile digital company with the biggest online presence among all media companies, and a growing list of digital properties.

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