PBB Otso housemate wins her dream condo

Inside every Filipino’s heart is a dream of stability, a secured future and a dream of having a place to call their own. And for one Housemate in the Pinoy Big Brother House, that dream became a reality.

It all started when Big Brother showed videos of the housemates’ own homes, revealing their living conditions in the outside world. A lot of the housemates were affected by what they saw, like Yamyam’s house from Bohol, a simple house made of light materials and wood. Despite its appearance, he shared that his family has been living there since the birth of his 1st sibling and that it has endured numerous typhoons and earthquakes. In the sight of Karina’s home, she shared that it was their house when her parents were still together. When her father left, their mother had no choice but to work abroad. With tears in her eyes, she expressed that due to this and other unfortunate events that followed, she ended up living in different places during her childhood and took care of herself, alone.


PBB Otso housemate wins her dream condo 1

Parallel to their living situation was Fumiya’s comfortable house in Japan and Lou’s spacious 2-storey house which reminded the two of their roots, their humble beginnings, and what they are fighting for.

After the video showing, Big Brother surprised the housemates by announcing a series of challenges for the 4 remaining batches in the house and that the winning batch would be able to fight to win a condo unit from Suntrust Asmara!


PBB Otso housemate wins her dream condo 2

Karina became hopeful since she isn’t sure where to live after the show, Fumiya found an opportunity to have his own place in Manila, while Wealand wishes that one from his batch gets the prize.

After the 3rd Big Batchbakan challenges, Housemates Lou, Andre, Yamyam, & Fumiya were the ones left to compete for the condominium unit. Andre, was determined to fight to have his own place in the Philippines since he’s originally from Hawaii. Lou, saw this as an opportunity to help her family, to have a place to stay that they no longer need to pay for.

But an unexpected and touching moment happened before the challenge started as both the spiritual brothers Yamyam and Fumiya gave their slots to Karina and Yen respectively.

Yamyam shared that his mother always reminded him to help those in need, so this is what his heart is telling him while Fumiya who has grown closely with Yen also sacrificed his chance of owning a #SuntrustHome. Yen has openly talked to Fumiya about the struggles of having a sick mother, having to live with her Lola, and having no place to call their own. This has probably touched his heart and made him realize that she deserves the prize more than him. Such a big and selfless move by both Fumiya and Yamyam – putting the needs of the other housemates before them, truly an embodiment of the Filipino value, malasakit.


PBB Otso housemate wins her dream condo 3

Karina and Yen became very emotional and thankful for Fumiya and Yamyam’s sacrifice because they knew how that condominium could change their lives. With the stage set for the final challenge between Andre, Lou, Karina and Yen as final competitors, this would test their determination and identify who would endure for the chance to win the Suntrust Asmara condo unit by real estate developer Suntrust Properties, Inc. The task involved the 4 housemates to stand between two walls with just a piece of wood to step on and the housemate who can stand on each piece of wood the longest will be declared the winner.


PBB Otso housemate wins her dream condo 4

After an hour of standing between the walls, the 4 housemates grew weary and fatigued. Lou was the first to fold after almost 2 hours of enduring. After 30 minutes, Andre also surrendered leaving the two girls Yen and Karina battling for the prize. After hours of patience and tolerance, Karina’s foot slips from the wood piece causing her to fall off, leaving Yen as the last person standing.


PBB Otso housemate wins her dream condo 5


PBB Otso housemate wins her dream condo 6

Yen, still between the walls, bursts into tears as she emerged victorious. The housemates rushed towards her, congratulating her triumph. Yen, now wears a dream-come-true smile, thanks Fumiya for the opportunity and his sacrifice, Big Brother for the giving the winning batch a chance to help, and Suntrust for giving her the opportunity to earn her own condominium unit. She dedicates this success to her family, who can now have a better life.


PBB Otso housemate wins her dream condo 7

For over 20 years, Suntrust Properties, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Megaworld Corp has been a frontrunner in building quality affordably priced homes in strategic locations for the Filipino family. From acquiring Stateland, Inc. to being the official home of Pinoy Big Brother Otso, Suntrust truly is the Home for every Filipino.


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