BB. PILIPINAS 2019: What We Learned From Catriona Gray Throughout Her Miss Universe Reign

She’s beautiful. She’s amazing. She’s one proud Filipina. 

Catriona Gray conquered the Universe over a year ago. Yet here we are, still bowing down to the Queen who raised our flag—with pride, gratitude, and love for our country. The next Miss Universe crown is up for grabs in a few months. But the lessons Catriona taught us convinced us to stan her. Probably, for life. 

You need to conquer yourself. After Pia Wurtzbach’s epic win last 2015, it’s normal for her successors to fear failure and rejection. The pressure is real to bring back the crown and even Catriona had her own doubts. Yet her faith pushed her to fight harder. Besides, this beauty queen has an edge: She represents the country, not just herself—which was seriously evident during the competition.


Catriona didn’t win the competition by proving she’s the most beautiful woman in the pageant. She conquered the stage by showcasing the beauty of our country—from her gown, accessories, up to her advocacies. She latched on her strength—her love for the Philippines—instead of her weaknesses. That’s how she won the crown. And our #ProudPinoy hearts.

You need to conquer others’ perception of you. This woman is unbelievably smart and gorgeous. Yet haters gonna hate, right? Catriona was body shamed for not being ‘thin enough’. She was ridiculed for not being ‘Filipina enough’. Some dampened her spirit by saying she had only a slight chance to earn the title. Yet she rose above these criticisms and her so-called imperfections.


A true queen doesn’t need praise or social media likes to feel confident. A true queen only needs to love herself—flaws and all—to make things happen. Just like what Catriona did. Plus, she had solid supporters, a.k.a. her #TeamCatriona, rallying behind her. So why worry when you’re surrounded by your loyal army? 

You need to conquer with a purpose. Beauty pageants may be made of glitz and glam. But its main goal is to serve as a platform to share a country’s story:  from its history, rich culture and tradition, up to the pressing issues it currently faces. The crowned queen is the voice of her nation—and it’s her responsibility to use that power gracefully and wisely. 

Something that Catriona has been doing throughout her Miss Universe reign. 


The Philippines couldn’t be prouder of this lady. She transformed the way we saw our country—and turned it into a beautiful paradise full of possibilities. Catriona  deserved to be a Queen right from the start: with her ethereal beauty, fierce yet feminine vibe, and crown-worthy hair (thanks to Cream Silk), not to mention her eloquence and quick wit. 

Catriona Gray’s #PowerToTransform the world won’t end when her Miss Universe duty ends. The sash and crown may be passed on to someone new, but just like what she said in her Binibining Pilipinas 2019 speech: She’s ‘forever a Miss Philippines, forever a Binibini’. And it’s true because we’ll never forget her, too.

With her inspiring words that convinced us to conquer our own ‘Universe’, is it even possible to get over the iconic Catriona Magnayon Gray? 

Probably not. And that’s okay. 

Conquer the Universe, the Catriona Gray way.

Get the confidence and the #PowerToTransform with Cream Silk. 

Photo credits to the Instagram accounts of Catriona Gray and Miss Universe.