WATCH: Here’s The Sweetest Way to Say ‘I Love You’ To Your Dad on Father’s Day!

I love you.

When was the last time you said these words to your dad--just because you mean it? Not because you’re asking for something in return. Or because the occasion expects you to do so. If it’s been a while, then maybe this short but sweet video from Selecta will give you a wake-up call. 

Father’s Day or not, always show your dad how much you value his worth. Like what the girl in the video did. From saying ‘I love you’ just to ask for gifts to saying ‘I love you’ out of paglalambing. Such a heartfelt plot twist, don’t you think? Dads have been loving and spoiling you since day one--just to make you happy. And now’s your chance to return the favor. Even if they won’t ask you to. 

Time to give your dads a warm hug and a genuine ‘I love you’. Plus a tub of their favorite ice cream, too! Ang #SarapMagbonding with Selecta. And it's literally and figuratively the sweetest way to make them feel loved on their special day. 

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