5 teleserye leads school us on how to move on from a heartbreak

5 teleserye leads school us on how to move on from a heartbreak 1


Love is said to be the most wonderful yet the craziest thing that could ever happen in a person's life.

It will bring unfathomable bliss yet it can totally destroy you as well when things don't work out.

Whatever happens, we should always know how to pick ourselves up and continue with our lives, just like our favorite teleserye protagonists who inspire us that there's still life after breakup and heartbreak.

Andrea "Andeng" Agoncillo


After catching her former fiance cheating on her on A Love to Last, Andeng (Bea Alonzo) found it hard to trust guys and to fall in love again. At first, she tried to shrug off her feelings for Anton (Ian Veneracion), who is 25 years her senior, but later on gave in to his wooing. 


Her journey on finally attaining a love to last was absolutely complicated, but she proved us that everything would be okay in the end. Just be brave enough to take down the sturdy walls you've built and let other people help you mend your broken heart.


Malia Rodriguez

Seeing your ultimate love lifeless is definitely the most heart-shattering sight. Despite this unspeakable tragedy on La Luna Sangre, Malia mustered to live a new "magandang simpleng buhay" with her La Liga Unida family and sort of having a new love in her best friend Jake (Tony Labrusca).


A loved one's sudden demise is extremely painful, but the "chosen one" wants us to boldly face tomorrow with a smile and renewed hope.

Camille Villalobos-Cabrera



The journey of Shaina Magdayao's character in having a happily ever after with Rafael (JC De Vera) on The Better Half was exhausting and nerve-wracking. But it seems that happy endings only happen in fairytales as her better half got killed by the deranged Bianca (Denise Laurel).

She grieved, but their son motivated her to live on. Camille showed us that some of our love ones may leave us, but life should not end there because a special blessing would surely come our way.

Alejandro "Ali" Nicolas


'Til I Met You wasn't only controversial because of the steamy scenes between headliners James Reid and Nadine Lustre, but it also tackled gay relationship through it's character Ali.

He used to be in love with Basti, but gave way since he was in love with his best friend Iris. He proceeded to dating other guys and ended up getting hurt, until he found his match Stephen (Enzo Pineda).

Letting go of the person you infinitely adore is the hardest thing to do. However, it's part of loving so you have to brace yourself just in case it happens.

Priscilla "Lala" Gutierrez-Chavez

In Langit Lupa, Yam Concepcion's character Lala didn't only have to move on from the death of her bestfriend Dey (Alessandra de Rossi), but from the her adulterer husband as well.


Instead of sulking in a corner over the mishaps in her life, she preoccupied herself by continuing the business she and Dey established many years ago and taking care of her unica hija Princess (Xia Vigor). She also found new love with Joey (Jason Abalos).

If ever love fails you on the first attempt, don't lose hope. Maybe because there's someone who would treat and love you better. For the meantime, focus on the important stuff in your life as you wait for Mr. or Ms. Right.